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Three Sisters

Three Sisters Cast

Series Description

Three Sisters was a 30 minute dramatic comedy series on NBC about (obviously) three sisters. Bess was a control freak, Nora was extremely sarcastic about everything, and Annie was very irresponsible. Their mother ("Honey"), a former Playboy Bunny, complicated their lives to an even greater degree. And poor Steven Keats was overwhelmed with their constant invasions into his life after marrying Bess.

Three Sisters Cast

Katherine La Nasa ........ Bess Bernstein-Flynn Keats
Vicki Lewis .............. Nora Bernstein-Flynn Quinn
A.J. Langer .............. Annie Bernstein-Flynn
David Alan Basche ........ Steven Keats
Edward Kerr .............. Jake Riley
Dyan Cannon .............. Honey Bernstein-Flynn
Peter Bonerz ............. George Bernstein-Flynn
Paul Hipp ................ Elliot Quinn (2001-2002)
Brian Scolaro ............ Gordon (2001-2002)

Three Sisters Trivia


There were four episodes of Three Sisters that were produced but were not broadcast. Their titles were: "He Ain't Heavy, He's My Brother", "The Song", "'Twas the Night Before", and "Deep Issue Massage".

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Three Sisters - The First Season

  1. Pilot Episode (1/9/2001)
  2. My Birth and Welcome to It (1/16/2001)
  3. Masters of Invention (1/23/2001)
  4. The Dry Spell (1/30/2001)
  5. The In-Laws (2/6/2001)
  6. Summer of Chocolate (2/13/2001)
  7. The Faculty Party (2/20/2001)
  8. The Rooster (2/27/2001)
  9. The New Guy (3/6/2001)
  10. Sisters: Undressed (3/13/2001)
  11. Blame the Messenger (3/20/2001)
  12. Work-Related (3/27/2001)
  13. My Best Friend's Girl (4/3/2001)
  14. It's a Wonderful Wife (4/10/2001)
  15. Mother's Day (5/1/2001)
  16. Sister Break (5/8/2001)

Three Sisters - The Second Season

  1. Two Steps Forward, One Step Back (9/25/2001)
  2. Critical Reaction (10/2/2001)
  3. Three (10/9/2001)
  4. A Shot in the Dark (10/16/2001)
  5. Don't Be Thrown (10/23/2001)
  6. Halloween 1 (10/30/2001)
  7. A Date with Destiny - Part 1 (11/6/2001)
  8. A Date with Destiny - Part 2 (11/6/2001)
  9. Three Thanksgivings, One Turkey (11/29/2001)
  10. Is It Me? (12/11/2001)
  11. The Manny (12/18/2001)
  12. Dog Day Afternoon (1/8/2002)
  13. The Sister Equinox (1/15/2002)
  14. Changing Rooms (1/29/2002)
  15. Best Laid Plans (2/5/2002)

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