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Three's A Crowd

Three's A Crowd Cast
Series Description

Three's A Crowd was a 30 minute comedy series on ABC and a "spin-off" of the highly successful show, "Three's Company (1977)". Jack Tripper finally found a permanent girlfriend and moved with her into an apartment above his restaurant, "Jack's Bistro". His girlfriend's wealthy father was not very happy, however, about Jack and his daughter living together so he bought the buiding (becoming both the couple's and the restaurant's landlord) and did everything else he could to break up their relationship.

Three's A Crowd Cast

John Ritter ................. Jack Tripper
Mary Cadorette .............. Vicky Bradford
Robert Mandan ............... James Bradford
Alan Campbell ............... E.Z. Taylor

Three's A Crowd Theme Song

Title: "Side By Side"

You and me together,
We're gonna weather the odds and win,
Lovers they can't divide,
Makin' it side by side.

Trouble may be around us,
Standing our ground and we won't give in,
Swimmin' against the tide,
Makin' it ... side by side!

Love is fun,
Now two makes one,
We can laugh and cry,
Love's a crazy ride,
When we're side by side.

Three's A Crowd Trivia

John Ritter was the son of western movie star and singing cowboy, "Tex Ritter".

Vicky Bradford (Jack's girlfriend) worked as a flight attendant.

The first episode of "Three's A Crowd" aired exactly one week after the airing of the final episode of "Three's Company"!

Three's Company was based on a hit British TV show titled, "Man About The House". That series had two "spin-offs" in the U.K.; "George and Mildred" which became "The Ropers" in the U.S. and "Robin's Nest" which became "Three's A Crowd (1984)" in the U.S.!

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Three's A Crowd - The First And Only Season

  1. The Happy Couple (9/25/1984)
  2. Family Affair (10/9/1984)
  3. The Maternal Triangle (10/16/1984)
  4. Daddy's Little Girl (10/23/1984)
  5. Jack's Problem (10/30/1984)
  6. Vacation From Sex (11/13/1984)
  7. A Matter Of Money (11/20/1984)
  8. The Honeymooners (11/27/1984)
  9. A Little Competition (12/4/1984)
  10. A Foreign Affair (12/11/1984)
  11. James Steps Out (12/18/1984)
  12. Father Knows Nothing (1/8/1985)
  13. A Friend In Deed (1/15/1985)
  14. A Case Of Sour Grapes (1/22/1985)
  15. Private Lessons (1/29/1985)
  16. One Ego To Go (2/5/1985)
  17. September Song (2/12/1985)
  18. Deeds Of Trust (2/19/1985)
  19. The New Mr. Bradford (2/26/1985)
  20. King For A Day (3/5/1985)
  21. Jack Gets Trashed (4/2/1985)
  22. A Star Is Born(4/9/1985)

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