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This Old House

This Old House Cast
Series Description

This Old House is a 30 minute reality series on PBS about turning old residences with possibilites into showplaces. The typical project involves major changes to the home including building additions, removing walls, replacing antiquated heating/AC systems and just about every other construction operation. As the series goes on, much more time is spent covering landscaping and home decoration/furnishing. Side trips also take the audience to factories to see how the materials and components of home construction are produced. Other side trips explore interesting sites near the home.

This Old House Cast

Bob Vila ............ Host (1979-1989)
Steve Thomas ........ Host (1989-2003)
Kevin O'Connor ...... Host (2003-Present)
Norm Abram .......... Master Carpenter (1979-Present)
Tom Silva ........... General Contractor (1986-Present)
Roger Cook .......... Landscape Contractor (2001-Present) Richard Trethewey ... Plumbing and Heating Expert (2007-Present)

This Old House Trivia

A spinoff series of This Old House titled "Ask This Old House" premiered in 2002. On that series, viewers with home problems appear on the show while the This Old House cast show them how to solve their problem. The series concentrates on common issues and zeros in on one task in detail.

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