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The Third Man

The Third Man Cast

Series Description

Third Man was a 30 minute British crime drama series on the BBC in the UK and in syndication in the U.S. It was about a debonair. smooth operating, ladies man who solved crimes while travelling the globe as an international art dealer.

The Third Man Cast

Michael Rennie ........... Harry Lime
Jonathan Harris .......... Bradford Webster

The Third Man Trivia


There were four episodes of The Third Man that were produced but not broadcast. Their titles were, "The Trial of Harry Lime", "Proxy Fight", "Members Only - Part 1", and "Members Only - Part 2".

The Third Man was inspired by a novel titled, "The Third Man" written by author Graham Greene. There was also a Third Man movie in 1950 starring Orson Welles as Harry Lime. In both the novel and the film, Harry Lime was a double-dealing swindler whose only positive feature was that he tended to swindle only other low-life characters. The TV show did mention that Harry had a dark past but generally depicted him as a good guy!

You may think that you've never heard of either one of the stars of The Third Man but you probably have seen them elsewhere. They both had full careers with numerous TV and movie roles to their credits. Michael Rennie is undoubtedly best known for his role as the alien visitor to Earth named "Klaatu" in the 1951 sci-fi classic film, "The Day the Earth Stood Still". Interestingly, Jonathan Harris' most remembered role is also as a sci-fi character named "Dr. Zachary Smith" on the hit 1965-1968 TV series, "Lost In Space".

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The Third Man - The First Season

  1. One Kind Word (10/2/1959)
  2. The Man Who Died Twice (10/9/1959)
  3. Death Of An Overlord (10/16/1959)
  4. The Best Policy (10/23/1959)
  5. The Indispensable Man (10/30/1959)
  6. Sparks From A Dead Fire (11/6/1959)
  7. Three Dancing Turtles (11/13/1959)
  8. Hollywood Incident (11/20/1959)
  9. A Question Of Price (11/27/1959)
  10. The Importance Of Being Harry Lime (12/4/1959)
  11. Barcelona Passage (12/18/1959)
  12. Listen For The Sound Of A Witch (1/1/1960)
  13. A Collector's Item (1/8/1960)
  14. How To Buy A Country (1/15/1960)
  15. Dinner In Paris (1/22/1960)
  16. The Third Medallion (1/29/1960)
  17. The Angry Young Man (2/5/1960)
  18. High Finance (2/12/1960)
  19. Castle In Spain (2/19/1960)
  20. Toys Of The Dead (2/26/1960)
  21. The Girl Who Didn't Know (3/4/1960)
  22. A Deal In Oils (3/11/1960)
  23. A Man Takes A Trip (3/25/1960)
  24. A Pocketful Of Sin (4/1/1960)
  25. The Man Who Wouldn't Talk (4/8/1960)
  26. The Tenth Symphony (4/22/1960)
  27. Trouble At Drill Hill (5/13/1960)
  28. The Man With Two Left Hands (5/27/1960)
  29. As The Twig Is Bent (6/3/1960)
  30. A Box Of Eyes (6/10/1960)
  31. An Experiment With Money (6/24/1960)
  32. Broken Strings (7/1/1960)
  33. Five Hours To Kill (7/8/1960)
  34. The Widow Who Wasn't (7/15/1960)
  35. Death In Small Instalments (8/22/1960)
  36. Harry Lime and The King (8/29/1960)
  37. Dark Island (8/5/1960)
  38. Confessions Of An Honest Man (8/12/1960)
  39. An Offering Of Pearls (8/19/1960)

The Third Man - The Second Season

  1. A Question Of Libel (7/2/1962)
  2. Mischka (7/9/1962)
  3. The Cross Of Candos (7/16/1962)
  4. Happy Birthday (8/13/1962)
  5. Queen Of The Nile (8/20/1962)
  6. Calculated Risk (3/30/1963)
  7. No Word For Danger (4/6/1963)
  8. Lord Bradford (4/13/1963)
  9. King's Ransom (4/20/1963)
  10. Hamburg Shakedown (4/27/1963)
  11. The Unexpected Mr. Lime (5/4/1963)
  12. Diamond In The Rough (5/11/1963)
  13. Portrait Of Harry (5/18/1963)
  14. Man In Power (5/25/1963)
  15. Meeting Of The Board (6/8/1963)
  16. Hansel And Son (6/15/1963)
  17. Act Of Atonement (7/13/1963)
  18. Ghost Town (7/27/1963)
  19. Gold Napoleons (8/3/1963)
  20. Bradford's Dream (8/10/1963)
  21. The Way Of McEagle (8/17/1963)
  22. Who Killed Harry Lime? (8/24/1963)

The Third Man - The Third Season

  1. A Question In Ice (6/27/1964)
  2. I.O.U. (7/4/1964)
  3. A Crisis In Crocodiles (8/1/1964)
  4. Judas Goat (8/8/1964)
  5. A Little Knowledge (8/15/1964)
  6. The Day Of The Bullfighter (8/22/1964)
  7. Mars In Conjunction (9/5/1964)
  8. The Big Kill (9/12/1964)
  9. Frame Up (9/26/1964)

The Third Man - The Fourth Season

  1. The House Of Bon-Bons (8/6/1965)
  2. The Man At The Top (8/13/1965)
  3. The Luck Of Harry Lime (8/27/1965)

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