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They Came From Outer Space

They Came From Outer Space Cast
Series Description

The They Came From Outer Space TV show was a 60 minute sci-fi comedy series that aired in syndication about two alien brothers who were sent by their parents to Earth to attend Oxford University. The brothers had other ideas though, and decided to live the wild & crazy life in Los Angeles, CA.

They Came From Outer Space Cast

Stuart Fratkin .............. Abe
Dean Cameron ................ Bo
Christopher Carrol .......... Pat Wilson
Allan Royal ................. Tom Barker
Rosalee Mayeux .............. Mom
Victor Brandt ............... Dad

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

  1. They Came From Outer Space (10/8/1990)
  2. Undressed For Success (10/15/2000)
  3. The Beauty Contest (10/22/2000)
  4. Something Personal (10/29/2000)
  5. School Fools (11/5/2000)
  6. Tennessee Lacey (11/12/2000)
  7. Trading Faces (11/19/2000)
  8. Rodeo Romeos (11/26/2000)
  9. The Geek (12/3/2000)
  10. The Legend (1/7/1991)
  11. Ads Are Us (1/14/1991)
  12. Animal Magnetism (1/21/1991)
  13. High Flies (1/28/1991)
  14. Cozy Cove (2/4/1991)
  15. Look Who's Barking (2/11/1991)
  16. Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow (2/18/1991)
  17. Play Doctor (2/25/1991)
  18. Double Jeopardy (3/4/1991)
  19. Sex, Lies And UFOs - Part 1 (3/18/1991)
  20. Sex, Lies And UFOs - Part 2 (3/25/1991)

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