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Then Came Bronson

Then Came Bronson Cast
Series Description

The Then Came Bronson TV show was a 60 minute adventure drama series on NBC about a guy who decided to end his life as he knew it and travel the U.S.A. on his motorcycle seeking adventure.

Then Came Bronson Cast

Michael Parks ............. Jim Bronson

Then Came Bronson Opening Narrative

(Jim Bronson stops his motorcycle at a red light. An automobile pulls up in the next lane. There is much traffic noise.)

Man in Car: Taking a trip?
Jim Bronson: What's that? (He yelled over the traffic)
Man in car: Taking a trip? (Now also yelling)
Jim Bronson: Yeah!
Man in car: Where to?
Jim Bronson: Oh, I don't know. Wherever I end up, I guess.
Man in car: Man, I wish I was you.
Jim Bronson: Really?
Man in car: Yeah!
Jim Bronson: Well, hang in there.

(Then the traffic light turns green and both men drive off)

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

TV Pilot Episode

Then Came Bronson (2 Hours) (3/24/1969)

The First And Only Season

  1. Runner (9/17/1969)
  2. Old Motorcycle Fiasco (9/24/1969)
  3. . . . A Famine Where Abundance Grows (10/1/1969)
  4. Circle Of Time (10/8/1969)
  5. Where Will The Trumpets Be? (10/15/1969)
  6. Amid Splinters Of The Thunderbolt (10/22/1969)
  7. 3:13 Arrives At Noon (10/29/1969)
  8. Old Tigers Never Die -- They Just Run Away (11/5/1969)
  9. Your Love Is Like A Demolition Derby In My Heart (11/19/1969)
  10. Two Percent Of Nothing (11/26/1969)
  11. All The World And God (12/3/1969)
  12. A Long Trip To Yesterday (12/10/1969)
  13. Spitball Kid (12/17/1969)
  14. Against A Cold Blank Wall (12/24/1969)
  15. Sybil (12/31/1969)
  16. A Pickin' An' A Singin' (1/14/1970)
  17. Gleam Of The Eagle Mind (1/21/1970)
  18. That Undiscovered Country (1/28/1970)
  19. Lucky Day (2/4/1970)
  20. Mating Dance For Tender Grass (2/11/1970)
  21. Mountain (2/18/1970)
  22. Still Waters (2/25/1970)
  23. Forest Primeval (3/4/1970)
  24. Ninety-Nine Mile Circle (3/11/1970)
  25. Mary "R" (3/25/1970)
  26. What's An Ark Without Centaurs? (4/1/1970)

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