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That's My Bush

That's My Bush Cast

Series Description

That's My Bush was a 30 minute comedy series on Comedy Central that tickled the funny bones of those who didn't care much for President Bush (the second one) and possibly even got a few chuckles out of his supporters. The show basically exploited all of the political left's beliefs about President Bush's alleged "party boy" past, his "less than scholarly" intellect, and his immaturity in his social life. As with most parodies that go ridiculously far, they're funny for ten minutes or so and then all but the most radical Bush-haters went by by.

That's My Bush Cast


Timothy Bottoms .............. George W. Bush
Carrie Quinn Dolin ........... Laura Bush
Marcia Wallace ............... Maggie
Kurt Fuller .................. Karl
John D'Aquino ................ Larry
Kristen Miller ............... Princess

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

That's My Bush - The First And Only Season

  1. An Aborted Dinner Date (4/4/2001)
  2. A Poorly Executed Plan (4/11/2001)
  3. Eenie, Meenie, Miney, Murder (4/18/2001)
  4. S.D.I.-Aye-Aye! (4/25/2001)
  5. The First Lady's Persqueeter (5/2/2001)
  6. Mom "E" D.E.A. Arrest (5/9/2001)
  7. Trapped In A Small Environment (5/16/2001)
  8. Fare Thee Welfare (5/23/2001)

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