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That 80s Show

That 80s Show Cast
Series Description

The That 80s Show was a 30 minute comedy series on the FOX Network about the struggle to find their identities on the part of five young people in their early twenties living in San Diego, California in 1984.

That 80s Show Cast

Glenn Howerton ............. Corey Howard
Tinsley Grimes ............. Katie Howard
Eddie Chin ................. Roger
Geoff Pierson .............. R.T. Howard
Brittany Daniel ............ Sophia
Chyler Leigh ............... June Tuesday
Margaret Smith ............. Margaret
Josh Braaten ............... Owen

That 80s Show Theme Song

Title: "Eighties"

Written By: "Jaz Coleman"

Performed By: "Killing Joke"

NOTE: The show's theme song was only a very short portion of the song, "Eighties".

I'm living in the eighties
I have to push, I have to struggle

That 80s Show Trivia

This series was not technically a "spinoff" of the huge hit, "That 70s Show" because none of the That 80s Show characters had been regular or recurring Cast on That 70s Show. There were a couple of connections though. The audition tape that Brittany Daniel's submitted to secure her role as Sophia included a guest starring spot that she had done on That 70s Show. Ironically, her guest spot on That 70s Show aired just one day before the premiere of That 80s Show!

The other connection between the two shows was that the character "Corey Howard" on That 80s Show was said to be the cousin of Eric Forman, a character on That 70s Show.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Season 1

  1. Eighties (a.k.a. That '80s Show Pilot) (1/23/2002)
  2. Valentine's Day (1/30/2002)
  3. Tuesday Comes Over (2/6/2002)
  4. Corey's Remix (2/13/2002)
  5. My Dead Friend (2/20/2002)
  6. Spring Break '84 (3/6/2002)
  7. Katie's Birthday (3/27/2002)
  8. After the Kiss (4/3/2002)
  9. Double Date (4/10/2002)
  10. Punk Club (4/17/2002)
  11. Road Trip (a.k.a. Star Search) (4/24/2002)
  12. Beach Party (5/7/2002)
  13. Sophia's Depressed (5/29/2002)

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