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The Texan

The Texan TV Show
Series Description

The Texan was a western action series on CBS about a former Confederate Captain named Bill Longley who travelled the old West aiding those in danger, usually from some tough bad guy who thought that no one could stop their evil deeds. When the met Longley they found that he could both outthink them with his mind and outdraw them with a gun.

The Texan Cast

Rory Calhoun ......... Bill Longley

The Texan Trivia

Harry Dean Stanton ("Big Love") was a guest star on two episodes of The Texan way back in the late 1950s and he's still highly in demand and busy acting to this day (2011).

There was a real-life gunslinger name Bill Longley but he was one of the bad guys. He eventually was stopped by the law and was hanged in 1978 just five days after his 27th birthday!

Rory Calhoun was no "pretty boy" who pretended to be a tough guy on the big screen. Before becoming an actor he worked as a boxer, a cowpuncher, a lumberjack and a truck driver. He was discovered while horseback riding in Los Angeles Park by Sue Carol who was a talent agent in Hollywood and wife of megastar actor Alan Ladd. Rory didn't get many starring roles. He mostly played secondary characters. When he did star in a movie it was typically a "B" movie. He had an impressive career however with roles in 80 movies and on a whopping 1000+ TV episodes! He became more of a household name than many leading men in "A" movies due to his huge exposure to audiences.

Calhoun formed a production company along with Victor Orsatti, a Hollywood talent agent and producer. They then teamed up with Desilu Studios, a production company founded by Desi Arnaz and his wife Lucille Ball ("I Love Lucy") to produce The Texan. Desilu Studios produced a few other shows that may surprise you including "Star Trek" and "Mission Impossible"!

In the season immediately following its last season on the air, re-runs of The Texan were shown on ABC opposite "As the World Turns" on CBS and "Make Room for Daddy" on NBC.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The Texan - The First Season

  1. Law of the Gun (9/29/1958)
  2. The Man with the Solid Gold Star (10/6/1958)
  3. The Troubled Town (10/13/1958)
  4. The First Notch (10/20/1958)
  5. The Edge of the Cliff (10/27/1958)
  6. Jail for the Innocents (11/3/1958)
  7. A Tree for Planting (11/10/1958)
  8. The Hemp Tree (11/17/1958)
  9. The Widow of Paradise (11/24/1958)
  10. Desert Passage (12/1/1958)
  11. No Tears for the Dead (12/8/1958)
  12. The Easterner (12/15/1958)
  13. A Time of the Year (12/22/1958)
  14. The Lord Will Provide (12/29/1958)
  15. The Duchess of Denver (1/5/1959)
  16. A Quart of Law (1/12/1959)
  17. Outpost (1/19/1959)
  18. The Peddler (1/26/1959)
  19. Return to Friendly (2/2/1959)
  20. The Man Behind the Star (2/9/1959)
  21. The Ringer (2/16/1959)
  22. The Eyes of Captain Wylie (2/23/1959)
  23. The Marshal of Yellow Jacket (3/2/1959)
  24. No Love Wasted (3/9/1959)
  25. A Race for Life (3/16/1959)
  26. Letter of the Law (3/23/1959)
  27. Private Account (4/6/1959)
  28. Caballero (4/13/1959)
  29. Blood Money (4/20/1959)
  30. No Place to Stop (4/27/1959)
  31. Reunion (5/4/1959)
  32. Badlands (5/11/1959)
  33. South of the Border (5/18/1959)
  34. The Smiling Loser (5/25/1959)
  35. The Sheriff of Boot Hill (6/1/1959)
  36. The Gunfighter (6/8/1959)
  37. The Man Hater (6/15/1959)

The Texan - The Second Season

  1. No Way Out (9/14/1959)
  2. Image of Guilt (9/21/1959)
  3. Cattle Drive (9/28/1959)
  4. The Dishonest Posse (10/5/1959)
  5. Blue Norther (10/12/1959)
  6. Traildust (10/19/1959)
  7. The Telegraph Story (10/26/1959)
  8. Stampede (11/2/1959)
  9. Showdown at Abilene (11/9/1959)
  10. The Reluctant Bridegroom (11/16/1959)
  11. Trouble on the Trail (11/23/1959)
  12. Cowards Don't Die (11/30/1959)
  13. Border Incident (12/7/1959)
  14. Dangerous Ground (12/14/1959)
  15. End of the Track (12/21/1959)
  16. Rough Track to Payday (12/28/1959)
  17. Friend of the Family (1/4/1960)
  18. The Taming of Rio Nada (1/11/1960)
  19. Sixgun Street (1/18/1960)
  20. The Terrified Town (1/25/1960)
  21. Thirty Hours to Kill (2/1/1960)
  22. Quarantine (2/8/1960)
  23. Buried Treasure (2/15/1960)
  24. Captive Crew (2/22/1960)
  25. Showdown (2/29/1960)
  26. Borrowed Time (3/7/1960)
  27. The Governor's Lady (3/14/1960)
  28. Town Divided (3/21/1960)
  29. The Guilty and the Innocent (3/28/1960)
  30. Presentation Gun (4/4/1960)
  31. Ruthless Woman (4/11/1960)
  32. The Nomad (4/18/1960)
  33. Killer's Road (4/25/1960)
  34. Lady Tenderfoot (5/9/1960)
  35. The Invisible Noose (5/16/1960)
  36. The Mountain Man (5/23/1960)
  37. Johnny Tuvo (5/30/1960)
  38. The Accuser (6/6/1960)
  39. Mission to Monterey (6/13/1960)
  40. Badman (6/20/1960)
  41. 24 Hours to Live (9/5/1960)

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