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Tab Hunter

Tab Hunter Cast
Series Description

The Tab Hunter Show was a comedy series about a playboy who earned his living by writing a cartoon strip about his "woman-chasing" exploits around Malibu Beach, California.


Tab Hunter ................. Paul Morgan
Richard Erdman ............. Peter Fairfield III
Jerome Cowan ............... John Larsen
Reta Shaw .................. Thelma

Tab Hunter Trivia

Each episode of the Tab Hunter Show had a beatiful female guest star for Paul Morgan to pursue.

This was one of the first series to be sold internationally. 24 episodes aired in the United Kingdom in 1961.

One of the interesting aspects of the show was that Paul Morgan's boss, best friend and housekeeper all had opinions about Paul's "ladie's man" lifesyle ... and all three opinions were completely different.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Tab Hunter's First And Only Season

  1. One Blonde Too Many (9/18/1960)
  2. For Money Or Love (9/25/1960)
  3. My Brother, The Hero (10/2/1960)
  4. Be My Guest (10/9/1960)
  5. Operation Iceberg (10/16/1960)
  6. The Matchmaker (10/23/1960)
  7. I Love A Marine (10/30/1960)
  8. Double Trouble (11/6/1960)
  9. The Doll In The Bathing Suit (11/13/1960)
  10. Hot And Cold (11/20/1960)
  11. My Darling Teacher (11/27/1960)
  12. One Night In Paris (12/4/1960)
  13. Devil To Pay (12/11/1960)
  14. How To Lose A Girl (12/18/1960)
  15. Happily Unmarried (12/25/1960)
  16. Portia Go Home (1/1/1961)
  17. Turnabout (1/8/1961)
  18. Weekend On Ice (1/15/1961)
  19. Girl Overboard (1/22/1961)
  20. The Art Patron (1/29/1961)
  21. The Golden Arrow (2/5/1961)
  22. Galatea (2/12/1961)
  23. Me And My Shadow (2/19/1961)
  24. A Star Is Born (2/26/1961)
  25. Sultan For A Day (3/5/1961)
  26. Holiday In Spain (3/12/1961)
  27. Italian Riviera (3/19/1961)
  28. Crazy Over Horses (3/26/1961)
  29. Dream Boy (4/9/1961)
  30. Personal Appearance (4/16/1961)
  31. Those Happy College Days (4/23/1961)
  32. The Invitation (4/30/1961)

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