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The Swamp Fox Cast

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The Swamp Fox was a 60 minute action series on ABC about a Revolutionary War hero who led a band of guerilla fighters against superior British forces in South Carolina.

The Swamp Fox Cast

Leslie Nielsen .... Francis "Swamp Fox" Marion
Myron Healey .... Major Peter Horry
John Sutton .... Colonel Tarleton
Joy Page .... Mary Videau (Season 1)
Barbara Eiler .... Mary Videau (Season 2)
Mary Field .... Cathy Marion
J. Pat O'Malley .... O'Reilly (Season 2)
Patrick Macnee .... British Captain
Dick Foran .... Gabriel Marion
Tim Considine .... (Young) Gabe Marion
Henry Daniell .... Colonel Townes
Louise Beavers .... Delia
Slim Pickens .... Plunkett
Smoki Whitfield .... Oscar
Hal Stalmaster .... Gwynn

The Swamp Fox Trivia

The Swamp Fox episodes were not a TV series in their own right. They aired as a part of the Walt Disney Presents TV show.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Season 1
  1. The Birth of the Swamp Fox (10/23/1959)
  2. Brother Against Brother (10/30/1959)
  3. Tory Vengeance (1/1/1960)
  4. Day of Reckoning (1/8/1960)
  5. Redcoat Strategy (1/15/1960)
  6. A Case of Treason (1/22/1960)
Season 2
  1. A Woman's Courage (1/8/1961)
  2. Horses for Greene (1/15/1961)

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