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State of Affairs TV Show

State of Affairs Cast
Series Description

The State of Affairs TV show is a 60 minute political drama series on NBC about a female CIA analyst whose job is to brief the first female President of the United States on the most serious threats to the security of the nation. Then each episode details how the decisions are made about how to handle a threat and continues as we see the plan in action.

State of Affairs Cast

Katherine Heigl .... Charleston "Charlie" Tucker
Alfre Woodard .... President Constance Payton
Adam Kaufman .... Lucas Newsome
Cliff Chamberlain .... Kurt Tannen
Tommy Savas .... Dashiell Greer
Sheila Vand .... Maureen James
Leslie Odom, Jr. .... Chief of Staff Mitchell Manning
Mark Tallman .... Aaron Payton

State of Affairs Trivia

Grey's Anatomy fans are thrilled to see Katherine Heigl return to television. Katherine has however appeared in several films since leaving that series.

With all the great talent on the series, "Desperate Housewives", it's difficult to believe that Alfre Woodard and Felicity Huffman are the only two cast members to have received Oscar nominations!

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