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Starman Cast

Series Description:

Starman was a 60 minute sci-fi series on ABC that followed a hit movie of the same name starring Jeff Bridges. In this series, Starman returns to Earth to find the son he fathered 14 years earlier on his prior visit to Earth which happened in the movie. Throughout the series, they are pursued by a government agent who believes that Starman and his son are dangerous even though he has no reason to believe so.

Starman Cast


Robert Hays ............. Paul Forrester
Michael Cavanaugh ....... George Fox
C.B. Barnes ............. Scott Hayden

Starman Opening Narrative

(Voices were Roberts Hays as Paul Forrester (Starman), C.B. Barnes as Scott Hayden, and Michael Cavanaugh as George Fox)

Scott: Who are you?
Alien: You're mother was my friend.
Scott: What do you want from me?
Alien: I want to help you.
Agent Fox: I'll bring you the alien, the creature, the being, right onto your table!
Scott: You really are my father?
Alien: Yes.
Scott: Do you think we'll ever find my mom?
Alien: We'll find her.

Starman Dvds

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Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Starman - The First And Only Season

  1. The Return (9/19/1986)
  2. Like Father, Like Son (9/26/1986)
  3. Fatal Flaw (10/3/1986)
  4. The Blue Lights (10/17/1986)
  5. Best Buddies (10/24/1986)
  6. Secrets (10/31/1986)
  7. One For the Road (11/7/1986)
  8. Peregrine (11/14/1986)
  9. Society's Pet (11/28/1986)
  10. Fever (12/5/1986)
  11. The Gift (12/12/1986)
  12. The System (1/9/1987)
  13. Appearances (1/16/1987)
  14. The Probe (1/30/1987)
  15. Dusty (2/6/1987)
  16. Barriers (2/13/1987)
  17. Grifters (3/13/1987)
  18. The Wedding (3/21/1987)
  19. Fathers And Sons (3/28/1987)
  20. Starscape - Part 1 (4/4/1987)
  21. Starscape - Part 2 (4/11/1987)
  22. The Test (5/2/1987)

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