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Stalker TV Show

Stalker Cast
Series Description

The Stalker TV show is a 60 minute crime drama series on CBS about a unit of Los Angeles Police Department detectives who specialize in solving stalking crimes including internet harassment, stalkers who pursue people they don't know but are in love with and persistent window peepers.

Stalker Cast

Dylan McDermott .... Detective Jack Larsen
Maggie Q .... Lieutenant Beth Davis
Victor Rasuk .... Detective Ben Caldwell
Mariana Klaveno .... Detective Janice Lawrence

Stalker Trivia

Dylan McDermott won an Golden Globe Award in 1999 for his starring role as "Bobby Donnell" on the series, "The Practice".

Maggie Q gets her unique beauty from her Polish-Irish-American father and her Vietnamese mother. Her acting talents are obviously in demand as she just ended a four season run in her starring role on the series, "Nikita" and moved right into her starring role on Stalker!

The detectives LAPD unit is called the "Threat Assessment Unit".

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