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Space 1999

Space 1999 Cast

Series Description

The Space 1999 was a 60 minute British sci-fi series on ITV about the crew of Moonbase Alpha. Our Moon was being used as a nuclear waste disposal site. Somehow a chain reaction caused an explosion large enough to knock the Moon out of Earth's orbit and into deep space! Unable to return to Earth, the crew experiences one disaster after another in their quest to survive their journey through the galaxy!

Space 1999 Cast

Martin Landau ............. John Koenig
Barbara Bain .............. Helena Russell
Nick Tate ................. Alan Carter
Anton Philips ............. Dr. Mathias
Zienia Merton ............. Sandra Benes

Space 1999 Trivia


As of 1975, this series was the most expensive ever produced by British television.

The idea for the show was originally intended to be a plot change for the series "UFO (1970)". Aliens were going to destroy SHADO's base on the Moon by knocking the Moon out of orbit.

Barbara Bain was married to fellow Space 1999 cast member Martin Landau (till 1993). They also worked together on "Mission Impossible (1966)". Barbara Bain was the first actress to win three Emmys in a row (1967, 1968 and 1969) for her role on "Mission Impossible.

Martin Landau was Gene Roddenberry's first choice to portray "Mr. Spock" on the series, "Star Trek (1966)". After Martin Landau left Space 1999, "Mission Impossible (1966)", Leonard Nimoy replaced him directly from his role as "Mr. Spock"!

The plan to continue the show for a third season was canceled at the last moment due to lack of sufficient audience in the United States.

Out of 2000 actors and actresses who auditioned for Lee Strasberg's very exclusive theater school in 1955, only two were accepted ... Martin Landau and Steve McQueen!

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First Season

1... Breakaway (10/17/1975)
2... Force Of Life (10/24/1975)
3... Collision Course (10/31/1975)
4... War Games (11/7/1975)
5... Death's Other Dominion (11/14/1975)
6... Voyager's Return (11/21/1975)
7... Alpha Child (11/28/1975)
8... Dragon's Domain (12/5/1975)
9... Mission Of The Darians (12/12/1975)
10. Black Sun (12/19/1975)
11. Guardian Of Piri (12/26/1975)
12. End Of Eternity (1/9/1976)
13. Matter Of Life And Death (1/16/1976)
14. Earthbound (1/23/1976)
15. The Full Circle (1/30/1976)
16. Another Time, Another Place (2/6/1976)
17. The Infernal Machine (2/13/1976)
18. Ring Around The Moon (2/20/1976)
19. Missing Link (2/27/1976)
20. The Last Sunset (3/5/1976)
21. Space Brain (3/12/1976)
22. The Troubled Spirit (3/19/1976)
23. The Testament Of Arkadia (3/26/1976)
24. The Last Enemy (4/2/1976)

The Second Season

25. The Metamorph (9/4/1976)
26. The Exiles (9/11/1976)
27. Journey To Where (9/18/1976)
28. One Moment Of Humanity (9/25/1976)
29. Brian The Brain (10/1/1976)
30. New Adam, New Eve (10/8/1976)
31. The Mark Of Arkonon (10/15/1976)
32. The Rules Of Luton (10/22/1976)
33. All That Glisters (10/29/1976)
34. The Taybor (11/5/1976)
35. Seeds Of Destruction (11/12/1976)
36. The AB Chrysalis (11/19/1976)
37. Catacombs Of The Moon (11/26/1976)
38. Space Warp (12/3/1976)
39. A Matter Of Balance (12/10/1976)
40. The Beta Cloud (12/17/1976)
41. The Lamba Factor (12/24/1976)
42. The Bringers Of Wonder - Part 1 (8/4/1977)
43. The Bringers Of Wonder - Part 2 (8/11/1977)
44. The Seance Spectre (8/18/1977)
45. Dorzak (8/25/1977)
46. Devil's Planet (9/1/1977)
47. The Immunity Syndrome (9/8/1977)
48. The Dorcons (5/1/1978)

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