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South Park TV Show

South Park Cast
Series Description

The South Park TV show is an is a 30 minute adult, animated comedy series that airs on Comedy Central. It is about four "dirty-mouthed" third-graders who live in the perpetually snowy town of South Park, colorado.

South Park Characters

Trey Parker .... Stan Marsh / Eric Cartman / Mr.Garrison
Matt Stone .... Kyle Broslofski / Kenny McCormick / Pip / Jesus
Isaac Hayes .... Jerome "Chef" McElroy
Mona Marshall .... Sheila Broflovski
Mary Kay Bergman .... Ms. Cartman / Stan's Mom / Kenny's Mom
April Stewart .... Sharon Marsh
Eliza Schneider .... Liane Cartman

South Park Trivia

During the first five seasons of South Park, Kenny died in nearly every episode!

At least one child has dressed as Chewbacca (of Star Wars) in every Hallowwen episode and they win the contest for best costume in most of them. The character "Jonnie Coshran" also always uses the "Chewbacca Defense".

The animators of South Park are really efficient in making the episodes. Each one is done on computer and takes only five days! The only exception was the pilot which was produced with paper cutouts of the characters. This speedy form of production allows episodes to reflect current events shortly after they take place. For example; the episode titled, "It's Christmas in Canada" was about the capturing of Saddam Hussein and it aired just four days after the actual capture!

Cartman's mom is a promiscuous character who is named "Liane" after a former fiancee of Trey Parker (Co-creator of South Park) who he caught sleeping around with another man!

Since 2001, South Park has the Guiness World Record for the "Most Swearing in animated series." The 1999 film, "South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut" also holds the record for the most swearing. Guiness states that the film contained 399 swear words including the "F" word 146 times. It also had 221 acts of violence and 199 offensive gestures.

Mary Kay Bergman did almost all of the female character voices for the first 46 episodes. Then sadly, after she committed suicide by a gunshot to the head, Eliza Schneider took over the task.

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