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Soul Man

Soul Man Cast


Soul Man show was a 30 minute comedy series on ABC.

Soul Man Cast

Dan Aykroyd ................. Reverand Mike Weber
Kevin Sheridan .............. Kenny Weber
Brenden Ryan Barrett ........ Andy Weber
Spencer Breslin ............. Fred Weber
Courtney Chase .............. Meredith
Melinda McGraw .............. Bridgette

Episodes List With Original Air Dates


Soul Man - The First Season

  1. Urges And Lies (4/15/1997)
  2. Communion Wine And Convicts (4/22/1997)
  3. Cinderella And The Funeral (4/29/1997)

Soul Man - The Second Season

  1. Mike's Awakening (9/30/1997)
  2. Hello Todd, Hello Nancy, Goodbye Harley (10/7/1997)
  3. The Lost Sheep Squadron (10/21/1997)
  4. Trick And Treat (10/28/1997)
  5. Public Embarrassment And Todd's First Sermon (11/4/1997)
  6. Camping And Housekeepers (11/18/1997)
  7. Three Priests And A Baby (11/25/1997)
  8. Attic Box Blues (12/2/1997)
  9. Christmas Ruined My Life (12/16/1997)
  10. Yes, Sir, That's My Baby (1/6/1998)
  11. Holy Rollers (1/13/1998)
  12. A Kiss Is Just A Kiss (1/20/1998)
  13. The Stan Plan (2/10/1998)
  14. The Choir Boys (2/17/1998)
  15. Todd And The Bod (2/24/1998)
  16. Grabbed By An Angel (4/14/1998)
  17. Just The Three Of Us (4/21/1998)
  18. Raising Heck (4/28/1998)
  19. The Good Shepherd (5/5/1998)
  20. Who Killed St. Stephen? (5/12/1998)
  21. Playball (5/19/1998)

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