Small Shots

Small Shots Cast

Series Description

Small Shots was a 30 minute comedy series on TNN.

Small Shots Cast

Chris Cox as Himself
Matt Sloan as Himself

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Small Shots - The First And Only Season

  1. Silence Of The Yams (8/22/2001)
  2. Non-Violent Gladiator (8/29/2001)
  3. Jurassic Dog Park (9/5/2001)
  4. Cast Away 2: Looking For Love (9/12/2001)
  5. Charlie's Middle Aged Angels (9/19/2001)
  6. The Amish Matrix (9/26/2001)
  7. The Great, Great Godfather (10/7/2001)
  8. Video Fugitive (10/21/2001)
  9. The 2 Commandments (10/28/2001)

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