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Small Fry Club

Small Fry Club Cast
Series Description

The Small Fry Club TV show was a 30 minute kids TV series on the Dumont Television Network from 1947-1951 that used cartoons, silent films, actors in animal costumes, puppets, songs, and skits to encourage pre-school kids to have good manners and to obey their parents.

Small Fry Club Cast

Bob Emery ............ Host

Small Fry Club Trivia

The host of the Small Fry Club was Bob Emery but Bob was actually his middle name. His full name was Claire Robert Emery. To make matters even more complex, he at one time spelled his last name "Emory". His young fans knew him, however, as "Big Brother Bob".

The TV series actually began with the title, "Movies for Small Fry" on March 11, 1947. Bob Emery started the show, however, in 1921 on a radio show in Medford, Massachusetts. Since the TV version ended in 1951, the show's 30 total years on the air makes it one of televisions' longest-running childrens' series! And that's not even counting the fact that when the show left the Dumont Network, Bob returned to Massachusetts and continued on TV as a local program on channel WBZ-TV in Boston!

There's little doubt that better numerous children's series have The Small Fry Club and other pioneering series like "The Howdy Doody Show" for leading the way with children's programming!

Some of the puppet characters on the Small Fry Club were "Peggy the Penguin", "Honey the Bunny", "Mr. Mischief the Panda", and "Trina the Kitten".

Brother Bob opened each episode of the Small Fry Club with its theme song, "The Grass is Also Greener" which was actually a pop tune from 1924. He closed each episode with the song, "So Long Small Fry" that was composed by "William F. Wirges".

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