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Six Degrees

Six Degrees Cast

Series Description

Six Degrees was a 60 minute drama series on ABC about six residents of New York city who were seemingly unconnected in any way. Then, a series of events brings them together and their lives would never be the same.

Six Degrees Cast

Erika Christensen ......... Mae Anderson
Campbell Scott ............ Steven Casemen
Jay Hernandez ............. Carlos
Bridget Moynahan .......... Whitney
Dorian Missick ............ Damian
Hope Davis ................ Laura

Six Degrees Trivia


There were 5 episodes of Six Degrees that were produced but were not broadcast due to early cancellation of the series. Their titles were, "Sedgewick's", "Ray's Back", "Surstromming or a Slice", "Objects in the Mirror", and "A Simple Twist of Fate".

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Six Degrees - The First And Only Season

  1. Pilot Episode (9/21/2006)
  2. What Are the Odds? (9/28/2006)
  3. A New Light (10/5/2006)
  4. The Puncher (10/12/2006)
  5. Masquerade 10/19/2006)
  6. What You Wish For (11/2/2006)
  7. Let the Angels Commit (11/9/2006)
  8. Get A Room (12/7/2006)
  9. Slings and Arrows (3/23/2007)
  10. Get a Room (3/30/2007)

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