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Sister Wives

Sister Wives Cast

Series Description


Sister Wives is a 30 minute reality series on TLC about Kody Brown and his four wives who lived together with their seventeen kids in a polygamist family. The most revealing aspect of the series is how close the relationship is between the four wives. Of course, there are sometimes challenges in a household with five adults and 17 children where everyone doesn't always see things the same way. And then there are further challenges in dealing with people and government officials who don't approve of their lifestyle. Generating enough income to support 22 people is also often a consideration.

Sister Wives Cast

Kody Brown
Christine Brown
Meri Brown
Janelle Brown
Robyn Brown

Sister Wives Trivia

Kody, his wives and kids lived in Lehi Utah, a suburb of Salt Lake City when the series began and then eventually moved to Las Vegas, Nevada. The family decided to make the move after the Lehi Police Department and the Utah Attorney General started investigations into possible bigamy charges however Kody claimed the move was made to explore better employment opportunities. TMZ reported that they were told that the six hour trip took the Browns 30 hours due to numerous issues with their vehicle including eight blown tires! They arrived in Las Vegas in episode #20, "Sister Wives in the City of Sin".

The Browns are members of the Apostolic United Brethren Church which is a fundamentalist Mormon institution that supports a polygamist lifestyle but is not affiliated with the official Mormon Church, "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints" which has denounced polygamy.

Kody's only legal marriage is to Meri who he married in 1990. Kody considers the other three relationships to be "spiratual unions". He formed his "union" with Janelle in 1993, with Christine in 1994 and with Robyn in 2010.

Robyn was previously married in a monogamous relationship and had three children who she brought into the Brown family. Since then, she and Kody have had another child together.

The only wife that was not raised in a polygamist family is Janelle.

Shortly after Christine formed her "union" with Kody, Janelle's mother did the same with Kody's father.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First Season

  1. Pilot Episode (60 Minutes) (9/26/2010)
  2. Courting a Fourth Wife (10/3/2010)
  3. Wives on the Move (10/3/2010)
  4. A Wife in Labor (10/10/2010)
  5. 1st Wife's 20th Anniversary (10/10/2010)
  6. A Fourth Wife to Be (10/17/2010)
  7. Four Wives and Counting ... (10/17/2010)
  8. Sister Wives Special (60 Minutes) (10/31/2010)
  9. Sister Wives Honeymoon Special (60 Minutes) (11/21/2010)

The Second Season

  1. Browns Out of Hiding (3/13/2011)
  2. Free Range Browns (60 Minutes) (3/20/2011)
  3. The Price of Polygamy (3/27/2011)
  4. Carving Into Polygamy (4/3/2011)
  5. Wife #3 Hits Sin City (4/10/2011)
  6. Polygamist Party (4/17/2011)
  7. The Brown Family Decision (5/8/2011)
  8. Sister Wives in Holiday Crisis (5/8/2011)
  9. No Place For Home (5/15/2011)
  10. Gambling on the Future (60 Minutes) (5/22/2011)
  11. Sister Wives in the City of Sin (60 Minutes) (6/5/2011)
  12. The Announcement (9/25/2011)
  13. Teen Sex Talk (10/2/2011)
  14. 4 Houses, 4 Relationships (10/2/2011)
  15. The 4 Lives of Kody Brown (60 Minutes) (10/9/2011)
  16. Defending Polygamy (60 Minutes) (10/16/2011)
  17. The Wives Diet Woes (10/23/2011)
  18. July 4th Rebellion (10/30/2011)
  19. Another Wife (11/6/2011)
  20. College-Bound Browns (60 Minutes) (11/13/2011)
  21. Sister Wives on the Strip (11/20/2011)
  22. Kody Climbs Into the Ring (11/20/2011)
  23. Sisters' Special Delivery (60 Minutes) (11/27/2011)

The Third Season

  1. Sister Wives Separated (5/13/2012)
  2. Polygamist Date Nights (5/20/2012)
  3. Brutal Honesty (5/27/2012)
  4. You Asked, Browns Answer (5/27/2012)
  5. Infertility & Nesting (6/3/2012)
  6. 4 Wives, 4 Valentines (6/3/2012)
  7. Brown Boys Do Vegas (6/10/2012)
  8. No Place Like Home (6/10/2012)
  9. Meri's Baby Decision (6/17/2012)
  10. Brown Family Confessions (6/17/2012)
  11. Leaving the Nest (60 Minutes) (6/24/2012)
  12. Sister Wives Tell All (60 Minutes) (6/24/2012)
  13. Polygamist Debt Threat (60 Minutes) (11/18/2012)
  14. Kody Begs For an Answer (60 Minutes) (11/25/2012)
  15. More Sister Wives! (12/2/2012)
  16. Polygamist Cults (12/9/2012)
  17. Mourning the Loss (12/16/2012)
  18. 50th Episode: Confronting Failure (12/16/2012)
  19. Polygamist Pilgrimage Into the Past (60 Minutes) (12/23/2012)
  20. Hard to Say Goodbye (60 Minutes) (12/30/2012)
  21. Secrets Revealed (60 Minutes) (12/30/2012)

The Fourth Season

  1. Picking Up the Pieces (7/21/2013)
  2. Four Lives of Kody's Wives (7/28/2013)
  3. Big Boy Panties (8/4/2013)
  4. Odd Wife Out (8/11/2013)
  5. Christmas Surprise (8/18/2013)
  6. Robyn's Secret (8/25/2013)
  7. Polygamy Questions Answered (9/1/2013)
  8. A Wife Decides (9/8/2013)
  9. Sister Wives On the Ropes (9/15/2013)
  10. Polygamist Marriage Therapy (9/22/2013)
  11. Sister Wives Tell All (9/22/2013)
  12. Mother-in-Law Invasion (12/29/2013)
  13. Kody's Bro-mance (1/5/2014)
  14. Polygamist Flash Mob (1/12/2014)
  15. While the Wives Are Away... (1/19/2014)
  16. Browns in Crisis (1/26/2014)
  17. Tragedy in the Family (2/9/2014)
  18. Celebration Countdown (2/16/2014)
  19. Sister Wives Tell All (2/23/2014)

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