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The Adventures of Sir Lancelot

Sir Lancelot Cast
Series Description

The Adventures of Sir Lancelot was a 30 minute British children's action series that aired in the U.S. on NBC. It was about the King Arthur period and concentrated on the heroics of Sir Lancelot. Lots of good guys beating bad guys in sword fights. It also aired in the U.S. on NBC but was put up against some strong competition. CBS was airing the "Burns & Allen Show" and ABC had "Make Room For Daddy", both in the same time slot! Air Dates below are for the first showings in Great Britain. U.S. Air Dates were a month or two thereafter. The first 15 episodes were in black & white. Episodes 16-30 were in color and each of them had its own unique opening and closing segments.

Sir Lancelot Cast

William Russell ............ Sir Lancelot
Jane Hylton ................ Queen Guinevere
Bruce Seton ................ King Arthur #1 (Episodes 1-3 Only)
Ronald Leigh-Hunt .......... King Arthur #2
Cyril Smith ................ Merlin
David Morell ............... Sir Kay
Peter Bennett .............. Leonides
Bobby Scroggins ............ Brian

Sir Lancelot Trivia

Oxford University historical experts researched all of the sites used for filming to ensure that they were historically accurate before filming of The Adventures of Sir Lancelot began.

After The Adventures of Sir Lancelot ended in the United States, NBC re-aired them during the very next season on Tuesday afternoons. Originally, NBC aired them on Monday evenings from 8:00 to 8:30 PM.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Sir Lancelot - The First And Only Season

  1. Knights Of The Red Plume (9/15/1956)
  2. Ferocious Fathers (9/22/1956)
  3. Queen's Knight (9/29/1956)
  4. The Outcast (10/6/1956)
  5. Winged Victory (10/13/1956)
  6. Sir Bliant (10/20/1956)
  7. The Pirate (10/27/1956)
  8. Magic Sword (11/3/1956)
  9. Sir Lancelot's Banishment (11/10/1956)
  10. The Roman Wall (11/17/1956)
  11. Caledon (11/24/1956)
  12. Theft Of The Excalibur (12/1/1956)
  13. Black Castle (12/8/1956)
  14. Shepard's War (12/15/1956)
  15. Magic Book (12/22/1956)
  16. Ruby Of Radnor (12/29/1956)
  17. Lesser Breed (1/5/1957)
  18. Witches Brew (1/12/1957)
  19. Sir Crusterbread (1/19/1957)
  20. Maid Of Somerset (1/26/1957)
  21. Knight Errant (2/2/1957)
  22. Double Identity (2/9/1957)
  23. Lady Lilith (2/16/1957)
  24. The Bridge (2/23/1957)
  25. Ugly Duckling (3/2/1957)
  26. Knight'S Choice (3/9/1957)
  27. Missing Princess (3/16/1957)
  28. Mortaise Fair (3/23/1957)
  29. The Thieves (4/6/1957)
  30. Prince Of Limerick (4/13/1957)

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