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Sightings Cast

Series Description

The Sightings TV show was a paranormal documentary series that first appeared as two specials on the Fox Network and continued on Fox for two seasons of 30 minute episodes. It aired for a third and fourth season in syndication for 60 minutes weekly and on the Sci-Fi channel for a fifth season, again for 60 minutes weekly. It explored what some believe to be evidence for the existence of nearly every phenomena not generally accepted by the scientific community including ufos, aliens, mind-reading, ghosts, vampires, voodo and near death experiences.

Sightings Cast

Tim White ............ Host

Episodes List With Original Air Dates



  1. The UFO Report - Part 1: Possibility of UFOs and new information (10/17/1991)
  2. The UFO Report - Part 2: Alien abduction (10/17/1991)
  3. Ghost Encounters - Part 1: Atlanta spirits; New York haunted house; Oregon presence (2/28/1992)
  4. Ghost Contact - Part 2: Electronic recordings of sound and images; inspiration for movie "The Entity" (2/28/1992)

Season 1

  1. Near Death Experience: Life after death and near-death experiences (4/17/1992)
  2. Hidden Powers of the Mind - Part 1: Precognition; psychic detectives; telepathy (4/24/1992)
  3. Hidden Powers of the Mind - Part 2: Mental telepathy; psychokinesis (4/24/1992)
  4. Psychic Healing: Unexpected recoveries from life-threatening illness (5/1/1992)
  5. Mysteries of the Earth: Places of power and human spirituality (5/8/1992)
  6. UFO Contact: woman has ongoing communications with aliens; abductee hypnotized; physicists theorize (5/15/1992)
  7. Legendary Monsters: Canada's version of Loch Ness monster; Bigfoot; Wisconsin werewolf (6/12/1992)
  8. Magazine I: Psychics track violent criminals; vampire cult in 18th-century Connecticut; Bermuda Triangle mystery (6/26/1992)
  9. Magazine II: Mysterious men in black silence UFO witnesses; woman foresaw daughter's death; psychic pets (7/10/1992)
  10. Magazine III: Residents of a town share past lives; haunted highway through Indian burial grounds (7/17/1992)
  11. Magazine IV: Haunted houses; bizarre injuries from UFO abductions (7/31/1992)
  12. Magazine V: Mysterious Great Lakes disappearances; messages from beyond solve murder; time travel (8/14/1992)
  13. Dallas family haunted by lovelorn ghost; cheating death via cryonics; group reincarnation (8/21/1992)

Season 2

  1. English Clerics examine werewolf; UFO photos (9/18/1992)
  2. Vampire rituals; UFO dogfight; viewer shares paranormal experiences (9/25/1992)
  3. Lizzie Borden; demonic possession (10/2/1992)
  4. UFO crash in Kecksburg, PA in 1965; demonic possession of a 14-year-old girl; curse of Columbus (10/9/1992)
  5. UFOs over New York's Hudson Valley might have been top-secret aircraft (10/16/1992)
  6. Halloween Special: Ghosts in Scottish castle; self-proclaimed vampire; modern witch (10/30/1992)
  7. Epidemic of Evil: Satanism discussed by a wide spectrum of people including a convicted killer (11/6/1992)
  8. English crop-circle mystery continues; Lake Champlain monster; British royal family curse (11/13/1992)
  9. UFO documentation from Russia; new evidence in Jack the Ripper murders (11/20/1992)
  10. Multiple UFOs over Mexico City; hauntings in Alcatraz (11/27/1992)
  11. Psychic helps solve 13-year-old murder case; Lake Champlain monster; Phobos II update (12/4/1992)
  12. Hell's Gate: Haunted Kentucky bar; astrologer Richard Nolle makes predictions for 1993 (12/11/1992)
  13. Astrologers' forecasts for 1993; New Jersey buried treasure (1/8/1993)
  14. Russian psychics; voodoo rituals and practitioners; black hole update (1/15/1993)
  15. Ghostwriter: Los Angeles ghost leaves messages on film (2/5/1993)
  16. Searching the Skies: UFO Home Videos; Ouija Board; Phobos II (2/12/1993)
  17. Russian close encounter; cults (2/19/1993)
  18. UFO over Scranton, PA; entity in Baltimore home; alien abduction (2/26/1993)
  19. Prophecy of major changes in the U.S. coastline by 2000 (4/9/1993)
  20. Psychic Detectives assist police in Key West, FL and Milwaukee, WI (4/30/1993)
  21. Bigfoot (5/7/1993)
  22. Ghosts in castle, former Jesuit seminary, mental institution (5/14/1993)
  23. UFO Special: hoaxes; cattle mutilations; life in space (5/21/1993)
  24. Mass abduction by aliens; World Trade Center; Waco cult (5/28/1993)

Season 3

  1. Paranormal phenomena; poltergeist; UFOs; psychic sculptor; black holes (9/11/1994)
  2. Haunted house update; UFO abductions; angel intervention; cattle mutilations; new species (9/18/1994)
  3. Area 51 & alien technology; pet interpreter; ice circles; psychic detective; UFO abductees; Mars mission (9/25/1994)
  4. Bigfoot research project; near-death experience alters teen's attitude (10/2/1994)
  5. In Siberia: turn-of-the-century cosmic fireball; spontaneous human combustion; hauntings (10/9/1994)
  6. Psychic detective; earthquake prediction; dreams and environment; UFO hoax; power of prayer; SETI stopped (10/16/1994)
  7. Haunted castle; UFOs in pop culture; ghost hunting; Santeria; full-moon madness; dowsers (10/23/1994)
  8. UFO dogfight over Iran; psychic detective seeks serial killer; heartland ghost reported (10/30/1994)
  9. Heartland ghost stakeout; UFO crash site in Siberia; dolphins and therapy; Loch Ness monster (11/6/1994)
  10. UFO over Mansfield, OH; haunted movie location; Armageddon or enlightenment; murder dream; healer Henry Rucker (11/13/1994)
  11. Apocalypse; woman reunites children from previous life; UFO over Montreal; Japanese monster; psychic detective (11/20/1994)
  12. Haunted lodge; boy genius credits past lives; UFOs over Florida; psychic detective; science fiction and prophecy (11/27/1994)
  13. English paranormal activity; evolution and aliens; psychic sculptor; mine disaster site; child's death premonition (12/4/1994)
  14. Federal government misinformation; Russian psychics; crop circles; Oregon Trail ghosts; guided imagery (1/15/1995)
  15. Haunted highway; psychosomatics; UFOs; psychic detective; synesthesia (1/22/1995)
  16. Heartland ghost exorcism; voodoo and Orson Welles; Earth's energy patterns; Gaia theory; alien abduction (1/29/1995)
  17. Close encounter on Navy vessel; twins search for siblings; past-life memories; time travel; dream murder (2/5/1995)
  18. UFO sighting and P-51 crash; spontaneous combustion; psychic evidence; Denver airport (2/12/1995)
  19. UFOs over Mexico; psychic bond between twins; CIA and LSD; cloning; lost animals (2/19/1995)
  20. UFOs in Pacific Northwest; coma healer; system to improve luck; psychic detective; haunted Hollywood hotel (2/26/1995)
  21. Government UFO studies; Roswell; dog senses owner's coming heart attack; psychic detective; haunted cemetery (4/16/1995)
  22. Alien abduction of twins; artificial intelligence; haunted mansion; intervention by angels (4/23/1995)
  23. Reporter's past-life regression; heartland ghost; extraterrestrials and nuclear arms; snake handlers (4/30/1995)
  24. UFOs in Holy Land; child's near-death experience; search for Bigfoot; Gettysburg; pollution; UFO defense manual (5/7/1995)
  25. UFOs and Air Force hangar 18; psychic detective; alien abduction; luck; life on Mars (5/14/1995)
  26. UFO technology; head trauma and psychic ability; soul exchange; Bahamian rites; UFOs in Mexico; healing and intuition (5/21/1995)

Season 4

  1. Secret UFO tape; psychic seeks girl missing for 25 years; alien autopsy; Bigfoot (9/10/1995)
  2. Psychic policeman; ghosts on the Queen Mary (9/17/1995)
  3. Spirits at a former farm; UFOs over Israel; plane-crash premonition (9/24/1995)
  4. Life on Mars; soldier's wish; Colorado haunted house; UFOs over Iran (10/1/1995)
  5. Three generations of alien contact; echolocation and blindness; Bigfoot museum; faith healer; Peruvian spirits (10/8/1995)
  6. Savannah, GA., UFO incident; psychic constable; dreams; haunting (10/15/1995)
  7. Oregon ghost train; alien-autopsy footage; inventor Nikola Tesla (10/22/1995)
  8. Commercial jet UFO encounter; Nostradamus (10/29/1995)
  9. UFO in backyard; haunted ghost town; miraculous healing; Hale/Bopp comet (11/5/1995)
  10. UFOs; angel rescue; haunted homeless; Hawaiian highway; alien autopsy (11/12/1995)
  11. Haunting in Black Forest, CO; unborn soul; underwater UFO (11/19/1995)
  12. UFOs over Washington, DC; author Whitley Strieber; Japanese exorcism (1/14/1996)
  13. Government declassifies Socorro, NM, sighting; shamanism (1/21/1996)
  14. Pilot disappears after reporting UFO; doomsday machine (1/28/1996)
  15. Alien abduction; house renovation triggers paranormal phenomena; star EGGS (Evaporating Gaseous Globules)(2/4/1996)
  16. Civil War buffs and past lives; psychic espionage; UFO sighting in 1962 (2/11/1996)
  17. Pilot dies chasing UFO in 1948; psychic detectives; ghostly confrontation (2/18/1996)
  18. Monks counsel violent teens; UFOs over Peru; UFOs and religion; psychic predicts murder; canals of Mars (3/10/1996)
  19. Prayer and healing; sacred sites; feng shui exorcism; UFOs over Brazil; Bigfoot in Ohio (3/17/1996)
  20. Angels chase ghosts; paranormal politics; spiritual guidance counselor; radio signals from Mars (4/14/1996)
  21. Evil spirit haunts child; self-replicating UFO; psychic spy; blindness and near-death experiences (4/21/1996)
  22. Psychic detective; alternate Area 51; alien universe; haunted hotel; faith healer; Atlantis (4/28/1996)
  23. Hanged man's ghost; UFO sighting prompts investigation; brain-injury victim creates memories (5/5/1996)
  24. Zimbabwe sightings; psychic healing; English exorcisms; simulating out-of-body experience; ghostly voyeur (5/12/1996)

Season 5

  1. Haunted house; UFOs filmed by videographer; psychics search for MIAs; alien abductions; labyrinths (9/19/1996)
  2. Government says UFOs not alien aircraft; psychics; sasquatch; UFOs in Mexico City; Highway 666 in New Mexico (9/26/1996)
  3. Florida man disappears; aliens in Brazil; moon colony; web sites; voice from beyond (10/3/1996)
  4. Haunted aircraft carrier; astronaut Edgar Mitchell; Roswell debris; psychic research; past lives; crop circles (10/10/1996)
  5. UFO causes air crash; Holocaust sculptor; haunted hacienda; Hawaiian prophecies; life on Mars (10/17/1996)
  6. Unidentified craft; UFO investigator Nick Pope; haunted hotel; biofeedback; Highway 3 in Hawaii (11/7/1996)
  7. Alien autopsy hoax; haunted English inn; cattle mutilations; Bigfoot website; psychic detective; the Dalai Lama (12/5/1996)
  8. UFOs in Gulf Breeze, FL; prenatal communication; Texas lights; alien life seeds; haunted castle; precognition (1/21/1997)
  9. Majestic 12; Sao Paolo haunting; life on Saturn; cloning the mammoth; psychic clues; the Sphinx; cattle mutilations (2/4/1997)
  10. House of Plenty haunting; virtual Stonehenge; UFO abductees; 1947; healing harps; Holy Land UFOs (2/25/1997)
  11. Argentine plane misses UFO; cancer-sniffing dog; Internet ghosts; anti-gravity; House of Plenty; UFO documentation (3/4/1997)
  12. Heartland ghost; UFO disables missile; unusual odds; face on Mars; crop circles; music and healing; Nostradamus (3/11/1997)
  13. Double-haunted house; lunar travel; cats married; lights chase Russian pilot; angels; search for enlightenment (Airdate Unknown or Unaired)
  14. Psychic finds victim's body; Angel of Death; Ouija board; sites of paranormal phenomena; haunted house; sasquatch (5/20/1997)
  15. UFO investigations; astronaut Edgar Mitchell; web site offers information on paranormal phenomena; frog mutations; haunted school; lake monster (Airdate Unknown or Unaired)
  16. UFO activity in Ohio; out-of-body experiences; giving computers a soul; possibility of life on Jupiter's moons; haunted nightclub; ancient monuments (Airdate Unknown or Unaired)
  17. Family hires psychic to find man's killer; helping troubled youth; web site features declassified documents; predictions for the new millennium (Airdate Unknown or Unaired)
  18. Haunted Texas inn; Nazis build disc-shaped crafts during World War II; history of New Zealand; alien abductions; plant communication; UFO sightings in Korea (Airdate Unknown or Unaired)
  19. Psychic investigates Canadian murder; the city of Atlantis; alchemy; asteroid approaches Earth; haunted mansion; Ley lines; divination (Airdate Unknown or Unaired)
  20. UFO encounter in New York; skull of Homo erectus is discovered; man captures ghosts on film; psychics; man predicts earthquakes (Airdate Unknown or Unaired)

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