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Shipping Wars TV Show

Shipping Wars Cast
Series Description

Shipping Wars is a 30 minute reality series on A&E where independent truckers bid online to transport items that are often quite unusual across the United States. Everything from cows to ocean-going ships find their way onto the UShip auction site. Along the way, the audience gets to observe how these road wanderers deal with breakdowns, unrealistic deadlines and customers who are not always reasonable.

Shipping Wars Cast

Marc Springer
Jennifer Brennan
Jarrett Joyce
Roy Garber (2012-2014)
Dusty Davie (2014-)
Jessica Samko (2014-)
Todd Sturgis (2014-)
Tamera Sturgis (2014-)
Bill Lloyd .... (Narrator)

Shipping Wars Opening Narrative

There's a whole new breed of gambler
Who risk everything to haul the most unusual items
One wrong move and they could lose it all
But if the fit is right, the rewards can be huge.

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