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Shane Cast

Series Description

The Shane TV show was a 60 minute western drama series on ABC about a wandering gunslinger who took a job as a farm hand for a woman whose husband had recently died. Shane was useful to the widow for more than his farming skills. An evil land baron wanted her farm and Shane is the only thing that stood in his way.

Shane Cast


David Carradine .............. Shane
Jill Ireland ................. Marian Starrett
Christopher Shea ............. Joey Starett
Tom Tully .................... Tom Starrett
Bert Freed ................... Rufe Ryker
Sam Gilman ................... Sam Grafton

Shane Trivia

The Shane TV show was inspired by the 1953 theatrical film of the same name starring Alan Ladd as Shane along with co-stars Jean Arthur, Van Heflin, Jack Palance and Edgar Buchanan.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Shane's First and Only Season

  1. The Distant Bell (9/10/1966)
  2. The Hant (9/17/1966)
  3. The Wild Geese (9/24/1966)
  4. An Echo of Anger (10/1/1966)
  5. The Bitter, The Lonely (10/8/1966)
  6. Killer in the Valley (10/15/1966)
  7. Day of the Hawk (10/22/1966)
  8. The Other Image (10/29/1966)
  9. Poor Tom's A-Cold (11/5/1966)
  10. High Road in Viator (11/12/1966)
  11. The Day the Wolf Laughed (11/19/1966)
  12. The Silent Gift (11/26/1966)
  13. A Long Night of Mourning (12/3/1966)
  14. The Big Fifty (12/10/1966)
  15. The Great Invasion - Part 1 (12/17/1966)
  16. The Great Invasion - Part 2 (12/24/1966)
  17. A Man'd Be Proud (12/31/1966)

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