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Selfie TV Show

Selfie Cast
Series Description

The Selfie TV show is a 30 minute comedy series on ABC about a young woman who was butt ugly growing up. She made herself over with a new hairdo, makeup and stylish clothing. Then she used social media to become instantly famous. Unfortunately the fame and her good looks went to her head and she became a jerk. When she was caught being her horrible self on a viral video and realized that she didn't have any "real" friends, she hired a self-image marketing expert to straighten out her still butt ugly personality.

Selfie Cast

Karen Gillan .... Eliza Dooley
John Cho .... Henry Higenbottam
Tim Peper .... Ethan Chase
Da'Vine Joy Randolph .... Charmonique
Allyn Rachel .... Bryn
David Harewood .... Sam Saperstein

Selfie Trivia

Most of Scottish actress Karen Gillan's acting credits to date have been in projects aired in the United Kingdom but some American viewers may be familiar with her due to her 36 appearances on the series "Doctor Who" as "Amy Pond / Soothsayer".

John Cho has had starring roles on other series including "Off Centre (2001-2002)", "FlashForward (2009-2010)" and "Go On (2012-2013)".

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