I Dream of Jeannie Dvds

I Dream of Jeannie Dvds

Get the latest list of all available I Dream of Jeannie Dvds!

For example, the season 1, 4 dvd set contains all 30 episodes including the first one where Captain Tony Nelson is stranded on an island after his space capsule crashes. When he finds a bottle on the beach and opens it, we see the beautiful "Jeannie" for the very first time! But even better yet, instead of seeing season 1 in black and white like they aired in 1965/1966, this set has them colorized! There is also a commentary track on the pilot episode where you will hear the show's stars talk about their memories making the series! There are also "in depth" interviews with Barbara Eden, Larry Hagman, and Bill Daily! There's a total of 13 hours of great I Dream of Jeannie entertainment ... Get details, customer reviews, and prices

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