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The Sandbaggers

The Sandbaggers Cast

Series Description

The Sandbaggers was a 60 minute British spy action series on ITV about the covert actions of a section of British Intelligence reffered to as "The Sandbaggers".

The Sandbaggers Cast

Roy Marsden ........... Neil Burnside
Ray Lonnen ............ Willie Caine

The Sandbaggers Trivia


Neil Burnside was the head of the Sandbaggers who had "worked his way up" to lead of the unit. He was constantly fighting his superiors for stronger intelligence efforts.

The Sandbaggers was produced by Yorkshire Television, a commercial franchise of ITV.

Like many spy series of its day, the Sandbaggers emphasized the threat from the Soviet Union. After all, it aired during the height of the cold war.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Season 1

  1. First Principles (9/18/1978)
  2. A Proper Function of Government (9/25/1978)
  3. Is Your Journey Really Necessary? (10/2/1978)
  4. The Most Suitable Person (10/9/1978)
  5. Always Glad to Help (10/16/1978)
  6. A Feasible Solution (10/23/1978)
  7. Special Relationship (10/30/1978)

Season 2

  1. At All Costs (1/28/1980)
  2. Enough of Ghosts (2/4/1980)
  3. Decision by Committee (2/11/1980)
  4. A Question of Loyalty (2/18/1980)
  5. It Couldn't Happen Here (2/25/1980)
  6. Operation Kingmaker (3/3/1980)

Season 3

  1. All in a Good Cause (6/9/1980)
  2. To Hell with Justice (6/16/1980)
  3. Usual Approach (6/23/1980)
  4. My Name is Anna Wiseman (6/30/1980)
  5. Sometimes We Play Dirty Too 7/7/1980)
  6. Who Needs Enemies (7/14/1980)
  7. Opposite Numbers (7/28/1980)

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