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Room For One More

Series Description

The Room For One More TV show was a 30 minute comedy series on ABC about George and Anna Rose who decided to adopt two children to add to the two of their own already at home. As with other family comedy series of that time, the family members would get themselves into minor problems and then find a solution, typically with the help of another family member.


Andrew Duggan ............ George Rose
Peggy McCay .............. Anna Rose
Carol Nicholson .......... Laurie Rose
Ronnie Dapo .............. Flip Rose
Anna Carri ............... Mary Rose
Tim Rooney ............... Jeff Rose
Maxine Stuart ............ Ruth Burton
Jack Albertson ........... Walter Burton

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

  1. The Anniversary (1/27/1962)
  2. Greeks Bearing Gifts (2/3/1962)
  3. Seated One Day At The Organ (2/10/1962)
  4. Girl From Sweden (2/17/1962)
  5. Angel In The Attic (2/24/1962)
  6. A Trip To The Beach (3/3/1962)
  7. This Gun For Sale (3/10/1962)
  8. Speaker Of The House (3/17/1962)
  9. Strength Through Money (3/24/1962)
  10. I Retake This Woman (3/31/1962)
  11. Love Thy Neighbor (4/7/1962)
  12. The Real George (4/14/1962)
  13. Two ManY Parents (4/21/1962)
  14. Our Man In Brazil (4/28/1962)
  15. Flip's Loyalty Test (5/5/1962)
  16. What Is It? (5/12/1962)
  17. King Of The Little People (5/19/1962)
  18. Danger: Man At Work (5/26/1962)
  19. The Right Wrong Number (6/2/1962)
  20. Little School House In Red (6/9/1962)
  21. A New Twist (6/16/1962)
  22. Out At Home (6/23/1962)
  23. Happiness Is Just A State Of Mind (6/30/1962)
  24. Bonjour, Rose Family (7/7/1962)
  25. Ribbins And Beaus (7/14/1962)
  26. Son Of A Boss (7/28/1962)

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