Rookie Blue

Rookie Blue Cast

Series Description

Rookie Blue is a 60 minute police action series on Global in Canada and CBS in the United States about experienced cops who work to fight crime beside their gung ho rookie counterparts.

Rookie Blue Cast

Missy Peregrym .... Andy McNally
Gregory Smith .... Dov Epstein
Charlotte Sullivan .... Gail Peck
Enuka Okuma .... Traci Nash
Travis Milne .... Chris Diaz
Ben Bass .... Sam Swarek
Eric Johnson .... Detective Luke Callaghan
Lyriq Bent .... Sergeant Frank Best
Melanie Nicholls-King .... Noelle Williams
Matt Gordon .... Oliver Shaw
Noam Jenkins .... Detective Jerry Barber

Rookie Blue Trivia

Gregory Smith and Charlotte Sullivan worked together once before this series on the 1996 family comedy movie, "Harriet the Spy".

This series was originally titled, "Copper" but was changed to "Rookie Blue" before the initial production ended.

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