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Rodney Cast

Series Description

The Rodney TV show was a 30 minute comedy series on ABC about a guy who dreamt of becoming a famous stand-up comedian while also doing his best to fullfill his obligations as a husband and father.

Rodney Cast

Rodney Carrington .......... Rodney Hamilton
Jennifer Aspen ............. Trina Hamilton
Matthew Josten ............. Bo Hamilton
Oliver Davis ............... Jack Hamilton
Amy Pietz .................. Charlie
Nick Searcy ................ Barry

Rodney Trivia


If you take a look at the episodes list below, you'll notice that after the Rodney TV show was canceled at the end of February in 2006, ABC aired two more episodes, in May and June. On top of that, there were six more episodes that were produced but were never broadcast! Their titles were: "Rodney's Biggest Fan", "Tulsa, Fla", "Hot Tub Blues", "Waiting for Himmelfarb", "Potty Mouth", and "Finale".

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First Season

  1. Pilot Episode (9/21/2004)
  2. Superhero (9/28/2004)
  3. Teacher (10/12/2004)
  4. Reacquisition Engineer (10/19/2004)
  5. Halloween (10/26/2004)
  6. Rodney's Mom (11/9/2004)
  7. Keep on Truckin' (11/16/2004)
  8. Thanksgiving (11/23/2004)
  9. Dream Lover (11/30/2004)
  10. It's Up, It's Good (12/7/2004)
  11. Talent Show (1/11/2005)
  12. Charity Ball (1/18/2005)
  13. Sorry Charlie (1/25/2005)
  14. Hell Week (2/8/2005)
  15. Tassels (2/1/2005)
  16. The Ring (2/15/2005)
  17. Rodney's Affair (3/22/2005)
  18. We Day (3/29/2005)
  19. Rodney Takes a Ship (4/5/2005)
  20. Rodney Moonlights (4/12/2005)
  21. Rodney Gets Robbed (4/19/2005)
  22. Rodney's Big Shot (4/26/2005)

The Second Season

  1. To Hell and Back (10/4/2005)
  2. Question Mark Hamilton (10/11/2005)
  3. Who's the Man? (10/18/2005)
  4. Halloween and Javier (11/1/2005)
  5. Keith (11/8/2005)
  6. Rodney comes out (11/29/2005)
  7. O Christmas Trees (12/20/2005)
  8. The Sleepover (1/10/2006)
  9. Welcome Ho (1/17/2006)
  10. A Tisket, a Casket (1/24/2006)
  11. Rodney Comes Marching Home (2/7/2006)
  12. Love is in the Air (2/14/2006)
  13. Rodney gets a leg up (2/21/2006)
  14. Where the Rubber Meets the Road (2/28/2006)
  15. Celebrity (5/30/2006)
  16. The Best Little Pie Shop in Tulsa (6/6/2006)

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