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Rock Me Baby

Rock Me Baby Cast

Series Description

Rock Me Baby was a 30 minute comedy series on UPN (now the CW Network) about a wild and crazy Disc Jockey of a morning drive time radio show who had trouble playing his two totally distinct roles in life. On the one hand, his boss and coworkers needed him to be the hip, outrageous personality that his listeners had come to know. On the other hand, his wife expected him to be a good solid husband and father to their new child.

Rock Me Baby Cast


Dan Cortese ................. Jimmy
Bianca Kajlich .............. Beth
Carl Anthony Payne .......... Carl
Joey Slotnick ............... Boyle

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Rock Me Baby - The First And Only Season

  1. Pilot Episode (9/16/2003)
  2. Coupling (9/23/2003)
  3. Would I Lie to You? (9/30/2003)
  4. Shift Shaft (10/7/2003)
  5. Ring of Fire (10/14/2003)
  6. Pretty in Pink Eye (10/21/2003)
  7. A Pain in the Aspen (11/4/2003)
  8. Girl Power (11/11/2003)
  9. The Difference Between Men and Women (11/18/2003)
  10. Prior Engagement (11/25/2003)
  11. Trading Spaces (12/9/2003)
  12. Look Who's Talking (3/30/2004)
  13. Pretty Baby (3/30/2004)
  14. Not So Grand Parents (4/6/2004)
  15. Ca-Pam! (4/13/2004)
  16. Who's Your Da-Da? (4/20/2004)
  17. I Love You, You Don't Love Me (4/27/2004)
  18. Love at First Flight (5/4/2004)
  19. Kiss and Don't Tell (5/18/2004)
  20. Two's Company, Four's a Crowd (5/18/2004)
  21. Go Otis! It's Your Birthday! (5/25/2004)
  22. Singing for Your Supper (5/25/2004)

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