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Resurrection TV Show

Resurrection Cast
Series Description

The Resurrection TV show is a 60 minute mysterious fantasy series on ABC. The residents of Arcadia, Missouri are astonished to say the least when their loved ones who died start showing up alive and the same age they were at death regardless of how many years ago they passed. Are they truly resurrected or is there something else sinister going on?

Resurrection Cast

Omar Epps .... J. Martin Bellamy
Frances Fisher .... Lucille Langston
Landon Gimenez .... Jacob Langston
Kurtwood Smith .... Henry Langston
Matt Craven .... Sheriff Fred Langston
Devin Kelley .... Maggie Langston
Samaire Armstrong .... Elaine Richards
Mark Hildreth .... Pastor Tom Hale
Sam Hazeldine .... Caleb Richards
Kathleen Munroe .... Rachael Braidwood

Resurrection Trivia

This series is based on a 2013 novel by Jason Mott titled, "The Return".

A French TV series premiered in November of 2012 titled, "Les Revenants (The Returned)" that is very similar to Resurrection but based on a 2004 French film also titled "Les Revenants". There is no connection however between the French and U.S. versions other than their similarity to each other.

Resurrection is the first ABC series to dominate the 9PM eastern time slot since the 2011-2012 season when "Desperate Housewives" beat out "Revenge".

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