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Red Band Society TV Show

Red Band Society Cast
Series Description

The Red Band Society TV show is a 60 minute teen drama series with a hint of dark comedy on Fox about a group of teenaged patients in a hospital who are seriously ill and require long-term treatment. Some have cancer, some heart problems and even one in a coma (who "speaks" to the audience). They face difficult situations but manage to cope, often by joking about their problems. Their issues may cause you tears of sorrow but their strength in the face of adversity may add tears of joy!

Red Band Society Cast

Griffin Gluck .... Charlie
Nolan Sotillo .... Jordi Palacios
Zoe Levin .... Kara Souders
Charlie Rowe .... Leo Roth
Octavia Spencer .... Nurse Jackson
Brian Bradley .... Dash Hosney
Ciara Bravo .... Emma Chota
Dave Annable .... Doctor Jack McAndrew
Rebecca Rittenhouse .... Nurse Brittany Dobler

Red Band Society Trivia

This series is based upon a series titled, "Polseres vermelles" from the autonomous community Catalan in Spain.

Red Band Society was first planned to be on ABC but after initial production, they backed out and Fox decided to order a pilot a few months later in January of 2014.

The name of the Red Band Society's hospital is "Ocean Park Hospital".

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