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Ray Bradbury Theater

Ray Bradbury Theater Cast
Series Description

The Ray Bradbury Theater TV show was a 30 minute anthology sci-fi series that aired on HBO for its first episodes and on the USA Network thereafter. It featured short stories written by legendary sci-fi author Ray Bradbury.

Host & Narrator:

Ray Bradbury

Opening Narrative

"People ask: 'Where do you get your ideas?' Well, right here. (He enters an artifact filled room) All this is mine. Martian landscape. Somewhere in this room is an African veldt. Just beyond perhaps is a small Illinois town where I grew up. And I'm surrounded on every side by my magician's toy shop. I'll never starve here. I just look around, find what I need and begin. I'm Ray Bradbury and this is" (followed by the name of series flashed on the screen) "Well, then. Right now. What shall it be? Out of all this, what do I choose to make a story? I never know where the next one will take me. The trip. Exactly one-half exhilaration. Exactly one-half terror."

Ray Bradybury Theater Trivia

TV and movie stars of the day were apparently more than happy to guest star on the Ray Bradbury Theater! Here is just a sampling of those of whom you may have heard: Eddie Albert, Drew Barrymore, Richard Benjamin, David Carradine, James Coco, Robert Culp, Tyne Daly, Shelley Duvall, Louise Fletcher, Jeff Goldblum, Elliott Gould, Howard Hesseman, Sally Kellerman, Lucy Lawless, Patrick Macnee, Peter O'Toole, William Shatner, Jean Stapleton, David Ogden Stiers and Robert Vaughn.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Season 1

  1. Marionettes, Inc. (5/21/1985)
  2. The Playground (6/4/1985)
  3. The Crowd (7/2/1985)

Season 2

  1. The Town Where No One Got Off (2/22/1986)
  2. The Screaming Woman (2/22/1986)
  3. Banshee (2/22/1986)

Season 3

  1. The Fruit At The Bottom Of The Bowl (1/23/1988)
  2. Skeleton (2/6/1988)
  3. The Emissary (2/13/1988)
  4. Gotcha! (2/20/1988)
  5. The Man Upstairs (3/5/1988)
  6. The Small Assassin (4/9/1988)
  7. Punishment Without Crime (4/16/1988)
  8. On The Orient, North (4/30/1988)
  9. The Coffin (5/7/1988)
  10. Tyrannosaurus Rex (5/14/1988)
  11. There Was An Old Woman (5/21/1988)
  12. And So Died Riabouchinska (5/28/1988)

Season 4

  1. The Dwarf (7/7/1989)
  2. A Miracle Of Rare Device (7/14/1989)
  3. The Lake (7/21/1989)
  4. The Wind (7/28/1989)
  5. The Pedestrian (8/4/1989)
  6. A Sound Of Thunder (8/11/1989)
  7. The Wonderful Death Of Dudley Stone (8/18/1989)
  8. The Haunting Of The New (9/15/1989)
  9. To The Chicago Abyss (9/22/1989)
  10. Hail And Farewell (9/29/1989)
  11. The Veldt (10/10/1989)
  12. Boys! Raise Giant Mushrooms In Your Cellar! (10/17/1989)

Season 5

  1. Mars Is Heaven (7/20/1990)
  2. The Murderer (7/27/1990)
  3. Touched With Fire (8/3/1990)
  4. The Black Ferris (8/10/1990)
  5. Usher II (8/17/1990)
  6. Touch Of Petulance (10/12/1990)
  7. And The Moon Be Still As Bright (10/19/1990)
  8. The Toynbee Convector (10/26/1990)
  9. Exorcism (11/2/1990)
  10. The Day It Rained Forever (11/9/1990)
  11. The Long Years (11/16/1990)
  12. Here There Be Tygers (11/30/1990)

Season 6

  1. The Earthmen (1/3/1992)
  2. Zero Hour (1/10/1992)
  3. The Jar (1/17/1992)
  4. Colonel Stonesteel And The Desperate Empties (1/24/1992)
  5. The Concrete Mixer (1/31/1992)
  6. The Utterly Perfect Murder (2/7/1992)
  7. Let's Play Poison (2/14/1992)
  8. The Martian (2/21/1992)
  9. The Lonely One (7/10/1992)
  10. The Happiness Machine (7/17/1992)
  11. Tomorrow's Child (7/14/1992)
  12. The Handler (8/19/1992)
  13. Great Wide World Over There (8/20/1992)
  14. Fee Fie Foe Fum (8/21/1992)
  15. The Anthem Sprinters (8/21/1992)
  16. By The Numbers (9/11/1992)
  17. The Long Rain (9/19/1992)
  18. The Dead Man (9/26/1992)
  19. Sun and Shadow (10/3/1992)
  20. Silent Towns (10/10/1992)
  21. Downwind From Gettysburg (10/17/1992)
  22. Some Live Like Lazarus (10/24/1992)

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