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Range Rider

Range Rider Cast
Series Description

Range Rider was a 30 minute western action series that aired in syndication and was aimed mostly at a child audience.

Range Rider Cast

Jock Mahoney ............... Range Rider
Dickie Jones ............... Dick West
Range Rider's Horse ........ Rawhide
Dick West's Horse .......... Lucky

Range Rider Trivia

Jock Mahoney was a 6 foot 4 inches tall mountain of muscle and did his own stunts. During his time filming Range Rider, Jock married actress Maggie Field who was divorced with one daughter. Maggie's daughter's name was Sally Field who later went on to become quite the actress herself! Besides her roles in films, Sally also had several TV series including "Gidget (1965)", "The Flying Nun (1967)", and "The Girl With Something Extra (1973)"!

Range Rider was produced by the pioneer of on screen cowboys (Gene Autry) via his company, "Flying A Productions".

Western television careers didn't end on Range Rider for either Dickie Jones or Jock Mahoney. Dickie went on to star in the series, "Buffalo Bill Jr. (1955)" and Jock went on to become, "Yancy Derringer (1958)"!

Opening Narrative

[Background Singers] "Home, home on the range, where the deer and the antelope play"
[Announcer Cuts In] "And who could be more at home on the range than THE RANGE RIDER with his thrilling adventures of the great outdoors; his exciting experiences rivaling those of Davy Crockett, Daniel Boone, Buffalo Bill, and other pioneers of this wonderful country of ours .... and Dick West, All-American Boy."

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Range Rider - The First Season

  1. Six Gun Party (4/5/1951)
  2. The Secret Lode (4/12/1951)
  3. The Range Rider (4/19/1951)
  4. Stage to Rainbow's End (4/26/1951)
  5. Gunslinger in Paradise (5/3/1951)
  6. Right of Way (5/10/1951)
  7. The Crooked Fork (5/17/1951)
  8. The Baron of Broken Bow (5/24/1951)
  9. Western Fugitive (5/31/1951)
  10. Bad Medicine (6/7/1951)
  11. Pack Rat (6/14/1951)
  12. The Grand Fleece (6/21/1951)
  13. The Flying Arrow (6/28/1951)
  14. The Hawk (7/5/1951)
  15. Dead Man's Shoes (7/12/1951)
  16. The Golden Peso (7/19/1951)
  17. Hidden Gold (7/26/1951)
  18. Diablo Posse (8/2/1951)
  19. Last of the Pony Express (8/9/1951)
  20. Marked for Death (8/16/1951)
  21. Ten Thousand Reward (8/23/1951)
  22. Indian Sign (8/30/1951)
  23. False Trail (9/6/1951)
  24. The Ghost of Poco Loco (9/13/1951)
  25. Harsh Reckoning (9/20/1951

Range Rider - The Second Season

  1. Sealed Justice (11/22/1951)
  2. Marked Bullets (11/29/1951)
  3. The Fatal Bullet (12/6/1951)
  4. Dim Trail (12/13/1951)
  5. Red Jack (12/20/1951)
  6. Gunman's Game (12/27/1951)
  7. Big Medicine Man (1/3/1952)
  8. Blind Trail (1/10/1952)
  9. Rustler's Range (1/17/1952)
  10. Shotgun Stage (1/24/1952)
  11. Blind Canyon (1/31/1952)
  12. Fight Town (2/7/1952)
  13. Secret of the Red Raven (2/14/1952)
  14. Pale Horse (2/21/1952)
  15. Jimmy the Kid (2/28/1952)
  16. The Bandit Stallion (3/6/1952)
  17. Renegade Ranch (3/13/1952)
  18. Outlaw Masquerade (3/20/1952)
    NOTE: Air Dates are Unknown Beyond This Point!
  19. Law of the Frontier
  20. The Man Who Lost
  21. Let 'er Buck
  22. Gold Fever
  23. Silver Blade
  24. Romeo Goes West
  25. Peace Pipe
  26. Border Trouble

Range Rider - The Third Season

  1. Greed Rides the Range
  2. Gold Hill
  3. Outlaw's Double
  4. Feud at Friendship City
  5. The Secret of Superstition Peak
  6. Ambush in Coyote Canyon
  7. Indian War Party
  8. The Badmen of Rimrock
  9. The Saga of Silver Town
  10. Cherokee Round-Up
  11. The Treasure of Santa Dolores
  12. The Holy Terror
  13. Border City Affair
  14. The Black Terror
  15. Marshal from Madero
  16. Bullets and Badmen
  17. West of Cheyenne
  18. Western Edition
  19. Convict at Large
  20. Hideout
  21. The Buckskin
  22. The Chase
  23. Old Timer's Trail
  24. Two-Fisted Justice
  25. Outlaw Territory
  26. Outlaw Pistols

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