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The Price is Right

The Price is Right Cast
Series Description

The Price is Right is a TV game show that began on NBC in 1956. In 1963 it moved to ABC. In 1972 it finally hit the third network. CBS continued with 30 minute episodes until 1975 when some episodes were expanded to 60 minutes. In the beginning there were four contestants but later anywhere from six to nine (depending on the episode's run time) bid on what they believe is the retail price of merchandise with the winner moving on to the next competition. Eventually the game comes down to two contestants who compete against each other in the "Showcase Showdown" and the person who comes closest to the retail price without going over wins their grand prize!

The Price is Right Cast


Bill Cullen (1956-1965)
Bob Barker (1972-2007)
Drew Carey (2007-Present)



George Gray (2011-Present)
Rich Fields (2004-2010)
Rod Roddy (1986-2003)
Johnny Olson (1972-1985)


And the Lovely Models:

Rachel Reynolds (2003-Present)
Manuela Arbelaez (2008-Present)
Amber Lancaster (2008-Present)
Janice Pennington (1972-2000)
Holly Hallstrom (1977-1995)
Lanisha Cole (2003-2010)
Kathleen Bradley (1990-2000)
Claudia Jordan (2000-2003)
Brandi Sherwood (2001-2009)
Dian Parkinson (1975-1993)
Anitra Ford (1972-1977)
Shane Stirling (2002-2008)
Nikki Ziering (1999-2002)
Gwendolyn Osborne (2005-2011)
Gabrielle Tuite (2003-2008)
Heather Kozar (2001-2002)
Chantel Dubay (1994-1999)
Kyle Aletter (1984-1996)
Teri Harrison (2003-2005)
Phire Dawson (2005-2008)
Rebecca Mary (2004-2006)
Gena Lee Nolin (1994-1998)
Tamiko Nash (2007-2009)
Candace Smith (2004)
Pennelope Jimenez (2002-2003)
Erika Valdez (2004)
Lisa Gleave (2002-2003)
Jennifer England (2002-2003)
Starr Campbell (2004-2005)
Jesse Golden (2002-2003)
Stephanie Leigh Schlund (2008)
Lauren Jones (2007)
Natasha Yi (2005)

The Price is Right Trivia

During Bob Barker's time as host of the Price is Right the models picked up the nickname, "Barker's Beauties".

As of 2012, The Price is Right is television's sixteenth longest-running series! The top fifteen in order from #1 to #15 are: "Meet the Press", "The CBS Evening News", "The Today Show", "ABC's World News Tonight", "Face the Nation", "The Hallmark Hall of Fame", "As the World Turns", "The NBC Nightly News", "General Hospital", "ABC's Wide World of Sports", "Days of Our Lives", "Washington Week" on PBS, "One Life to Live", "60 Minutes" and "Sesame Street".

In 2007, TV Guide Magazine called The Price is Right "the greatest game show of all time!"

TV Land called the phrase, "Come on down!" one of TV's top 100 Quotes and Catchphrases in 2006!

The Price is Right really changed the TV game show. Earlier, most of them had used the question and answer format. The more questions the contestants could answer, the bigger their winnings became. The Price is Right took game shows in the direction of a fun-loving environment with lots of joking, roulette wheels and excitement without stress.

If the winner of the final showcase comes within $250 of the retail price of their showcase, they win both showcases. In previous years they had to be within $100 to win both.

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