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Pregnant in Heels

Pregnant in Heels Cast
Series Description

Pregnant in Heels is a 60 minute reality series on Bravo about the creator of "Rosie Pope Maternity", a posh brand of pregnancy clothing for high class moms-to-be. Rosie helps them with every aspect involved with having a child including planning a baby shower, hiring a nanny and designing a fantastic nursery room. She might go a bit too far though when it comes to arranging a bikini wax in the labor room!

Pregnant in Heels Cast

Rosie Pope

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Season 1

  1. Rope Pope, Maternity Concierge (4/5/2011)
  2. Bedroom Rules (4/12/2011)
  3. Baby Bump Bridezilla (4/19/2011)
  4. Clueless (4/26/2011)
  5. Runaway Pregnancy (5/3/2011)
  6. Birth-a-phobia (5/10/2011)
  7. Couples Therapy (5/17/2011)
  8. Daddy Boot Camp (5/24/2011)

Season 2

  1. Homebirth With a Side of Placenta (5/15/2012)
  2. Taming the Tiger and the Terror (5/22/2012)
  3. When Baby Robots Attack (5/29/2012)
  4. The Trouble With Twins (6/5/2012)
  5. Rosie's Relationship Retreat (6/12/2012)
  6. Dressing the Diva (6/19/2012)
  7. Welcome to Hollywood! (6/26/2012)
  8. The Pregnancy Dating Dilemma (7/3/2012)
  9. The Case of the Ghost Infested Nursery (7/10/2012)
  10. A Labor of Love: Rosie Gives Birth (7/17/2012)

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