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Philip Marlowe, Private Eye

Philip Carey as Philip Marlowe, Private Eye


The Philip Marlowe, Private Eye TV show was a 30 minute private detective drama series on ABC.

Philip Marlowe, Private Eye Cast

Philip Carey ............... Philip Marlowe, Private Eye

Philip Marlowe, Private Eye Trivia


There was an Adventures of Philip Marlowe Radio Show that was broadcast from June of 1947 through September of 1951.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

1. The Ugly Duckling (10/6/1959)
2. Prescription for Murder (10/13/1959)
3. Buddy Boy (10/20/1959)
4. Death in the Family (10/27/1959)
5. Mama's Boy (11/3/1959)
6. Child of Virtue (11/10/1959)
7. Bum Rap (11/17/1959)
8. Temple of Love (11/24/1959)
9. The Mogul (12/1/1959)
10. Hit and Run (12/8/1959)
11. Mother Dear (12/15/1959)
12. The Hunger (12/22/1959)
13. Ricochet (12/29/1959)
14. The Scarlet "A" (1/5/1960)
15. Standard for Murder (1/12/1960)
16. Poor Lilli, Sweet Lilli (1/19/1960)
17. Death Takes a Lover (1/26/1960)
18. One Ring for Murder (2/2/1960)
19. Gem of a Murder (2/9/1960)
20. Time to Kill (2/16/1960)
21. Murder in the Stars (2/23/1960)
22. Murder by the Book (3/1/1960)
23. Murder is a Grave Affair (3/8/1960)
24. Murder is Dead Wrong (3/15/1960)
25. Last Call for Murder (3/22/1960)
26. You Kill Me (3/29/1960)

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