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The Persuaders

The Persuaders Cast


The Persuaders TV show was a 60 minute British action series that in the UK on ITV and in the U.S. on ABC.

Persuaders Cast


Roger Moore ................ Lord Brett Sinclair
Tony Curtis ................ Danny Wilde
Laurence Naismith .......... Judge Fulton

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The Persuaders - The First And Only Season

  1. Overture (9/17/1971)
  2. The Gold Napoleon (9/24/1971)
  3. Take Seven (10/1/1971)
  4. Greensleeves (10/8/1971)
  5. Powerswitch (10/15/1971)
  6. The Time And The Place (10/22/1971)
  7. Someone Like Me (10/29/1971)
  8. Anyone Can Play (11/5/1971)
  9. The Old, The New, And The Deadly (11/12/1971)
  10. Angie, Angie (11/19/1971)
  11. Chain Of Events (11/26/1971)
  12. That's Me Over There (12/3/1971)
  13. The Long Goodbye (12/10/1971)
  14. The Man In The Middle (12/17/1971)
  15. Element Of Risk (12/24/1971)
  16. A Home Of One's Own (12/31/1971)
  17. Five Miles To Midnight (1/7/1972)
  18. Nuisance Value (1/14/1972)
  19. The Morning After (1/21/1972)
  20. Read And Destroy (1/28/1972)
  21. A Death In The Family (2/4/1972)
  22. The Ozerov Inheritance (2/11/1972)
  23. To The Death, Baby (2/18/1972)
  24. Someone Waiting (2/25/1972)

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