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Parenthood TV Show

Parenthood Cast

Series Description

The Parenthood TV show is a 60 minute family drama series that premiered on March 2, 2010 on NBC. It's inspired by the hit 1989 movie of the same name starring Steve Martin, Mary Steenburgen, Jason Robards, Keanu Reeves, Joaquin Phoenix and a bevy of other stars. While the movie was mainly comedy with dramatic moments, the TV series concentrates more on the challenges of four siblings dealing with the raising of their children in Berkeley, California. The Bravermans may all have grown up together but they've evolved into very different adults and their approaches to child rearing are also varied. Each has different abilities and each has different problems that affect their parents and their children.

Parenthood Cast


Lauren Graham ............... Sarah Holt
Peter Krause ................ Adam Braverman
Craig T. Nelson ............. Zeek Braverman
Erika Christensen ........... Julia Braverman
Dax Shepard ................. Crosby Braverman
Bonnie Bedelia .............. Camille Braverman
Monica Potter ............... Kristina Braverman
Max Burkholder .............. Max Braverman
Miles Heizer ................ Drew Holt
Sam Jaeger .................. Joel Graham
Savannah Rae ................ Sydney Graham
Mae Whitman ................. Amber Holt
Sarah Ramos ................. Haddie Braverman
Max Burkholder .............. Max Braverman
Joy Bryant .................. Jasmine Trussell
Tyree Brown ................. Jabbar Trussell

Parenthood Theme Song Lyrics

Title: "Forever Young"

Written and Performed By: "Bob Dylan"

May god bless and keep you always
May your wishes all come true
May you always do for others
And let others do for you

May you build a ladder to the stars
And climb on every run
And May you stay, forever young

May you grow up to be righteous
May you grow up to be true
May you always know the truth
And see the lights surrounding you

May you always be courageous
Stand upright and be strong
And may you stay, forever young

May you stay forever young

Parenthood Trivia

Someone is wearing plaid in every scene but sometimes you really have to look to find it.

In nearly every episode, someone cooks either pancakes or waffles.

Helen Hunt ("Mad About You") was in the running for the role of Sarah but she and the producers couldn't reach an agreement on her salary.

Max Burkholder and Mae Whitman play cousins on Parenthood but they previously played brother and sister on the show "In Treatment".

Often when a producer or a star of a TV series goes on to other projects, they want to work again with people they got to know on the previous show. Jason Katims was the Executive Producer on "Friday Night Lights" and he has brought several cast members from that series to guest star or appear in recurring roles on Parenthood including Michael B. Jordan, Minka Kelly, Matt Lauria, Angela Rawna and Jeff Rosick.

Before deciding to use Bob Dylan's "Forever Young" as the theme song for Parenthood, Andrew McMahon of Jack's Mannequin wrote a theme song titled "Casting Lines" for the show but when he gave it to the producers they told him they had decided to go with Dylan's tune.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Season 1

  1. Pilot Episode (3/2/2010)
  2. Man Versus Possum (3/9/2010)
  3. The Deep End of the Pool (3/16/2010)
  4. Wassup (3/23/2010)
  5. The Situation (3/30/2010)
  6. The Big O (4/6/2010)
  7. What's Goin' On Down There? (4/13/2010)
  8. Rubber Band Ball (4/20/2010)
  9. Perchance to Dream (4/27/2010)
  10. Namaste No More (5/4/2010)
  11. Solace (5/11/2010)
  12. Team Braverman (5/18/2010)
  13. Lost and Found (5/25/2010)

Season 2

  1. I Hear You, I See You (9/14/2010)
  2. No Good Deed (9/21/2010)
  3. I'm Cooler than You Think (9/28/2010)
  4. Date Night (10/5/2010)
  5. The Booth Job (10/12/2010)
  6. Orange Alert (10/19/2010)
  7. Seven Names (10/26/2010)
  8. If This Boat Is A Rockin' (11/9/2010)
  9. Put Yourself Out There (11/16/2010)
  10. Happy Thanksgiving (11/23/2010)
  11. Damage Control (1/4/2011)
  12. Meet the New Boss (1/11/2011)
  13. Opening Night (1/18/2011)
  14. A House Divided (2/1/2011)
  15. Just Go Home (2/8/2011)
  16. Amazing Andy And His Wonderful World Of Bugs (2/15/2011)
  17. Do Not Sleep With Your Autistic Nephew's Therapist (2/22/2011)
  18. Qualities And Difficulties (3/1/2011)
  19. Taking The Leap (3/29/2011)
  20. New Plan (4/5/2011)
  21. Slipping Away (4/12/2011)
  22. Hard Times Come Again No More (4/19/2011)

Season 3

  1. I Don't Want to Do This Without You (9/13/2011)
  2. Hey, If You're Not Using That Baby... (9/20/2011)
  3. Step Right Up (9/27/2011)
  4. Clear Skies from Here on Out (10/4/2011)
  5. Nora (10/11/2011)
  6. Tales from The Luncheonette (10/18/2011)
  7. Forced Family Fun (11/1/2011)
  8. In-Between (11/8/2011)
  9. Sore Loser (11/15/2011)
  10. Mr. Honesty (11/22/2011)
  11. Missing (11/29/2011)
  12. Road Trip (1/3/2012)
  13. Just Smile (1/10/2012)
  14. It Is What It Is (1/17/2012)
  15. Politics (2/7/2012)
  16. Tough Love (2/14/2012)
  17. Remember Me, I'm The One Who Loves You (2/21/2012)
  18. My Brother's Wedding (2/28/2012)

Season 4

  1. Family Portrait (9/11/2012)
  2. Left Field (9/18/2012)
  3. Everything Is Not Okay (9/25/2012)
  4. The Talk (10/2/2012)
  5. There's Something I Need To Tell You (10/9/2012)
  6. I'll Be Right Here (10/23/2012)
  7. Together (11/13/2012)
  8. One More Weekend With You (11/20/2012)
  9. You Can't Always Get What You Want (11/27/2012)
  10. Trouble in Candyland (12/4/2012)
  11. What To My Wondering Eyes (12/11/2012)
  12. Keep on Rowing (1/1/2013)
  13. Small Victories (1/8/2013)
  14. One Step Forward, Two Steps Back (1/15/2013)
  15. Because You're My Sister (1/22/2013)

Season 5

  1. It Has To Be Now (9/26/2013)
  2. All Aboard Who's Coming Aboard (10/3/2013)
  3. Nipple Confusion (10/10/2013)
  4. In Dreams Begin Responsibilities (10/17/2013)
  5. Let's Be Mad Together (10/24/2013)
  6. The M Word (10/31/2013)
  7. Speaking of Baggage (11/7/2013)
  8. The Ring (11/14/2013)
  9. Election Day (11/21/2013)
  10. All That's Left Is the Hugging (12/12/2013)
  11. Promises (1/2/2014)
  12. Stay a Little Longer (1/9/2014)
  13. Jump Ball (1/16/2014)
  14. You've Got Mold (1/23/2014)
  15. Just Like Home (2/27/2014)
  16. The Enchanting Mr. Knight (3/6/2014)
  17. Limbo (3/13/2014)
  18. The Offer (3/20/2014)
  19. Fraud Alert (3/27/2014)
  20. Cold Feet (4/3/2014)
  21. I'm Still Here (4/10/2014)
  22. The Pontiac (4/17/2014)

Season 6

  1. The sixth and final season of Parenthood will premiere during the Fall 2014 TV season on September 25, 2014. Sadly, there will be only 12 episodes.

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