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Pan Am

Pan Am Cast
Series Description

The Pan Am TV show was a 60 minute drama series that premiered on September 25, 2011 on ABC. It took a look back at the exciting lives of the pilots and flight attendants that ushered in the glamorous days of jet travel for the average person!

Pan Am Cast

Christina Ricci .............. Flight Attendant Maggie Ryan
Margot Robbie ................ Flight Attendant Laura Cameron
Kelli Garner ................. Flight Attendant Kate Cameron
Karine Vanasse ............... Flight Attendant Colette Valois
Mike Vogel ................... Captain Dean Lowrey
Michael Mosley ............... Co-Pilot Ted Vanderway

Pan Am Trivia

One of the producers of Pan Am is, "Nancy Hult Ganis", a former Pan Am flight attendant.

Believe it or not, a railroad company based in New Hampshire, "Pan Am Systems" owns the rights to the Pan Am name and logo! Sony had to license the rights from this railroad company in order to develop this show about an airline!

In a fairly uncommon move, Christina Ricci stars on Pan Am at a time when she's also a very hot commodity in Hollywood films. Most movie stars move to television only after their offers for movie roles slow down or completely dry up. This is a changing trend however. In the classic days of Hollywood it was considered unthinkable for a big screen star to even appear as a guest star on a television program. Movie stars were considered artists while TV stars were considered mere actors. Happily, today we can more and more often enjoy our favorite performers on both the large and small screens!

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

  1. Pilot Episode (9/25/2011)
  2. We'll Always Have Paris (10/2/2011)
  3. Ich Bin Ein Berliner (10/9/2011)
  4. Eastern Exposure (10/16/2011)
  5. One Coin In A Fountain (10/23/2011)
  6. The Genuine Article (10/30/2011)
  7. Truth or Dare (11/6/2011)
  8. Unscheduled Departure (11/13/2011)
  9. Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (12/4/2011)
  10. Secrets and Lies (1/8/2012)
  11. Diplomatic Relations (1/15/2012)
  12. New Frontiers (1/22/2012)
  13. Romance Languages (2/12/2012)
  14. 1964 (2/19/2012)

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