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The Pallisers

The Pallisers Cast

Series Description

The Pallisers TV show was a British historical drama series about the lives of England's upper-class during the Victorian era and the contrast of their way of life with that of the common people. It also closely followed the political intrigue of the member of the British House of Commons. All of that along with more than a bit of romance, made The Pallisers, with its endless plot twists, a series with something for everyone. The central figures were the stodgy and boring Plantagenet Palliser, and the beautiful Lady Glencora Palliser who was forced into an arranged marriage with him against her will.


Susan Hampshire ............. Lady Glencora Palliser
Philip Latham ............... Plantagenet Palliser
Donald Pickering ............ Dolly Longstaffe
Roland Culver ............... The Duke of Omnium
Moray Watson ................ Barrington Erle
Roger Livesey ............... The Duke of St. Bungay
Barbara Murray .............. Madame Max Goesler
Maurice Quick ............... Collingwood
Donal McCann ................ Phineas Finn
Bryan Pringle ............... Mr. Monk



The Pallisers was based on the six mega-novels by author Anthony Trollope. Those novels titles are: "Can You Forgive Her?", "Phineas Finn", "The Eustace Diamonds", "Phineas Redux", "The Prime Minister", and "The Duke's Children".

The Pallisers was produced by Martin Lisemore and directed by Hugh David and had a cast of 125 actors!

Although highly unusual for a British series, The Pallisers won two Emmys when it aired in the U.S. in 1978. One was won by "Raymond Hughes" for " Outstanding Achievement in Costume Design for a Drama or Comedy Series" and the other by "Tim Harvey" for " Outstanding Art Direction or Scenic Design for a Drama Series".

Hayley Mills ("Good Morning, Miss Bliss") was originally cast as Glencora Palliser, but she had just had a baby and backed out when her doctor suggested she get more rest before returning to work. Coincidentally, Susan Hampshire had also just given birth, but her daughter had unfortunately died. Her doctor thought work would be just the right thing to take her mind off the tragedy.

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

  1. Can You Forgive Her - Part 1 (1/19/1974)
  2. Can You Forgive Her - Part 2 (1/26/1974)
  3. Can You Forgive Her - Part 3 (2/2/1974)
  4. Can You Forgive Her - Part 4 (2/9/1974)
  5. Can You Forgive Her - Part 5 (2/16/1974)
  6. Can You Forgive Her - Part 6 (2/23/1974)
  7. Phineas Finn - Part 1 (3/2/1974)
  8. Phineas Finn - Part 2 (3/9/1974)
  9. Phineas Finn - Part 3 (3/16/1974)
  10. Phineas Finn - Part 4 (3/23/1974)
  11. Phineas Finn - Part 5 (3/30/1974)
  12. The Eustace Diamonds - Part 1 (4/6/1974)
  13. The Eustace Diamonds - Part 2 (4/13/1974)
  14. The Eustace Diamonds - Part 3 (4/20/1974)
  15. Phineas Redux - Part 1 (4/27/1974)
  16. Phineas Redux - Part 2 (5/4/1974)
  17. Phineas Redux - Part 3 (5/11/1974)
  18. Phineas Redux - Part 4 (5/18/1974)
  19. Phineas Redux - Part 5 (5/25/1974)
  20. The Prime Minister - Part 1 (6/1/1974)
  21. The Prime Minister - Part 2 (6/8/1974)
  22. The Prime Minister - Part 3 (6/15/1974)
  23. The Prime Minister - Part 4 (6/22/1974)
  24. The Prime Minister - Part 5 (6/29/1974)
  25. The Duke's Children - Part 1 (10/26/1974)
  26. The Duke's Children - Part 2 (11/2/1974)

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