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The Overland Trail

Series Description

The Overland Trail TV show was a western action series about the lives of a stagecoach driver and his sidekick in the old west.



William Bendix .............. Frederick Thomas Kelly
Doug McClure ................ Frank "Flip" Flippen

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

  1. Perilous Passage (2/7/1960)
  2. The O'Mara's Ladies (2/14/1960)
  3. West Of Boston (2/21/1960)
  4. The High Bridge (2/28/1960)
  5. West Bound Stage (3/6/1960)
  6. All The O'Mara's Horses (3/13/1960)
  7. Daughter Of The Sioux (3/20/1960)
  8. Lawyer In Petticoats (3/27/1960)
  9. The Vigilantes OF Montana (4/3/1960)
  10. Fire In The Hole (4/17/1960)
  11. Mission Into Mexico (4/24/1960)
  12. First Stage To Denver (5/1/1960)
  13. Sour Annie (5/8/1960)
  14. The Baron Comes Back (5/15/1960)
  15. Escort Detail (5/22/1960)
  16. The Reckoning (5/29/1960)
  17. Most Dangerous Gentleman (6/5/1960)

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