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Out of Practice

Out of Practice Cast

Series Description

The Out of Practice TV show was a 30 minute comedy series on CBS about Ben Barnes, a couples councilor who was the only member of his family to not complete medical school. But with their differences, the Barnes family needed Ben's counciling abilities much, much more than they need an M.D.!

Out of Practice Cast

Christopher Gorham ......... Benjamin Barnes
Henry Winkler .............. Stewart Barnes
Stockard Channing .......... Lydia Barnes
Ty Burrell ................. Oliver Barnes
Paula Marshall ............. Regina Barnes

Out of Practice Trivia


There were six episodes of the Out of Practice TV show that were produced but were not broadcast due to early cancellation of the series. Their titles were: "You Win Some, You Use Some", "Doctor of the Year", "Restaurant Row", "Losing Patients", "Doctors without Bidders", and "If These Floors Could Talk".

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

  1. Pilot Episode (9/19/2005)
  2. We Wanna Hold Your Hand (9/26/2005)
  3. And I'll Cry if I Want To (10/3/2005)
  4. The Truth About Nerds and Dogs (10/10/2005)
  5. Brothers Grim (10/17/2005)
  6. The Heartbreak Kid (10/24/2005)
  7. Key Ingredients (11/7/2005)
  8. The Wedding (11/14/2005)
  9. Thanks (11/21/2005)
  10. Guilt Trip (11/28/2005)
  11. New Year's Eve (12/19/2005)
  12. Yours, Mine or His? (1/9/2006)
  13. Model Behavior (3/22/2006)
  14. Hot Water (3/29/2006)

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