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O.S.S. Cast

Series Description

The O.S.S. TV show was a war drama series based upon actual cases from the files of the Office of Strategic Services (O.S.S.) during World War II. The O.S.S. was the agency that eventually became the C.I.A.



Ron Randell ............... Captain Frank Hawthorne
Lionel Murton ............. The Chief
Robert Gallico ............ Sergeant O'Brien

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

  1. Operation Fracture (9/26/1957)
  2. Operation Tulip (10/3/1957)
  3. Operation Powder Puff (10/10/1957)
  4. Operation Death Trap (10/17/1957)
  5. Operation Orange Blossom (10/24/1957)
  6. Operation Pay Day (10/31/1957)
  7. Operation Foulball (11/7/1957)
  8. Operation Blue Eyes (11/14/1957)
  9. Operation Flint Axe (11/21/1957)
  10. Operation Sweet Talk (11/28/1957)
  11. Operation Big House (12/5/1957)
  12. Operation Love Bird (12/12/1957)
  13. Operation Pigeon Hole (12/19/1957)
  14. Operation Yo-Yo (12/26/1957)
  15. Operation Yodel (1/2/1958)
  16. Operation Sardine (1/9/1958)
  17. Operation Firefly (1/13/1958)
  18. Operation Eel (1/20/1958)
  19. Operation Barbecue (1/27/1958)
  20. Operation Blackbird (2/3/1958)
  21. Operation Post Office (2/10/1958)
  22. Operation Newsboy (2/17/1958)
  23. Operation Chopping Block (2/24/1958)
  24. Operation Buried Alive (3/3/1958)
  25. Operation Meat Ball (3/10/1958)
  26. Operation Jingle Bells (3/17/1958)

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