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Olivia the Pig

Olivia the Pig Characters

Series Description

Olivia the Pig was a 30 minute kids TV show on Nick Jr. in the U.S., on Milkshake!, Nick Jr. in the U.K. and on Treehouse TV in Canada. It was about a female pig who lived in a world where all of the people were pigs. She dreamt of getting a job that had something to do with the events that took place during the particular episode. For example, in one episode she dreamt of becoming a gardener, in another an actress and in yet another an astronaut. Dreaming about what the future would bring was an appealing theme for young children.

The Olivia Characters (Voices):


Emily Gray .................... Olivia (2009-2011)
Jeremy Herzig ................. Julian (2009-2011)
Michael Van Citters ........... Ian (2009-2011)
Brianna Mccracken ............. Francine (2009-2011)
Susan Balboni ................. Mrs. Hogenmuller (2009)
Joyce Beverley ................ Mother (2009)
Danny Katiana ................. Father (2009)
Yvonne Craig .................. Grandma (2009)
Dayton Malone ................. Harold Hockenberry (2009)
Zarii Arri .................... Alexandra (2009)
Juan Garcia ................... Oscar (2009)
Hector Garcia ................. Oscar (2009)

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

NOTE: There is limited information available as to the air dates for Olivia. We have listed all of the information we could verify here but there are most likely episodes missing.

Season 1

  1. Olivia Measures Up / Olivia Plays Hotel (1/26/2009)
  2. Olivia's Snow Day / Olivia's Ice Spectacular (1/27/2009)
  3. Olivia's Magic Act / Olivia and the School Concert (1/28/2009)
  4. Olivia Visits the Aquarium / Olivia Goes International (1/29/2009)
  5. Olivia and the Crystal Ball / Olivia Plays Soccer (1/30/2009)
  6. The Two Olivias / Olivia Tends to the Sick (2/9/2009)
  7. Olivia Makes a Video / Olivia Takes a Road Trip (2/10/2009)
  8. Olivia Goes Camping / Olivia Plays Vet (2/11/2009)
  9. Olivia Packs Up / Olivia Is Invited to Dinner (2/12/2009)
  10. Olivia the Pet Monitor / Olivia and the Anniversary Surprise (2/13/2009)
  11. Olivia Paints a Mural / Olivia's Day at the Office (2/27/2009)
  12. Olivia Leads a Parade / Olivia the Nature Photographer (3/23/2009)
  13. Olivia's Good Luck / Olivia Explores Outer Space (3/24/2009)
  14. Olivia Plays Piano / Olivia Trains Her Cat (3/25/2009)
  15. Olivia and Her Ducklings / Olivia Takes Ballet (3/26/2009)
  16. Olivia Runs a Carnival (4/10/2009)
  17. Olivia Visits the Aquarium (4/14/2009)
  18. Olivia and the Anniversary Surprise (4/15/2009)
  19. Olivia Gets Fit / Olivia Helps Mother Nature (4/22/2009)
  20. Olivia and the Babies / Olivia Becomes a Chef (5/8/2009)
  21. Olivia and the Old West (5/16/2009)
  22. Olivia's Fashion Show (5/23/2009)
  23. Olivia Becomes a Vet (6/17/2009)
  24. Olivia Makes Magic (6/24/2009)
  25. Olivia Acts Out / Olivia and Grandma's Visit (11/9/2009)
  26. Olivia and Her Alien Brother / Olivia's Lemonade Stand (11/10/2009)
  27. Olivia Runs a Carnival / Olivia Explores the Attic (11/11/2009)
  28. Olivia Plants a Garden / Olivia's Pirate Treasure (11/12/2009)
  29. Olivia and the Old West / Olivia's Fashion Show (11/13/2009)
  30. Olivia and the Family Photo / Olivia Claus (12/13/2009)

Season 2

  1. Olivia Goes to the Library / Olivia Makes a Wedding Gift (9/19/2010)
  2. Olivia Takes a Hike (10/22/2010)
  3. Olivia Talks Turkey / Olivia Takes a Hike (11/21/2010)
  4. Olivia's Christmas Surprise / Olivia Builds a Snowlady (12/12/2010)

Season 2

  1. Puppy Love / Olivia Builds a Stage (2/13/2011)
  2. Olivia: Princess for a Day (4/30/2011)
  3. Olivia and the Treasure Hunt / Olivia Makes It Rain (4/17/2011)
  4. Olivia's Kite Party / Olivia Builds a House (4/17/2011)
  5. Tip Top Tapper / Olivia Plans a Tea Party (5/8/2011)

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