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Occasional Wife

Occasional Wife Cast
Series Description

The Occasional Wife TV show was a 30 minute comedy series on NBC about an executive who worked for a company that was proud of its wholesome "family" image. The executive's problem that is he was a bachelor. To counter that problem, he hired a woman to pose as his wife whenever he had to interact socially with fellow workers or clients.

Occasional Wife Cast

Michael Callan ............ Peter Christopher
Patricia Harty ............ Greta Patterson
Jack Collins .............. Max Brahms
Sara Seegar ............... Mrs. Christopher
Joan Tompkins ............. Mrs. Brahms
Bryan O'Byrne ............. Man-in-Middle
Jack Riley ................ Wally Frick
Stuart Margolin ........... Bernie
Chris Noel ................ Marilyn
Susan Silo ................ Vera

Occasional Wife Trivia

Peter Christopher worked for a baby food manufacturer whose image made it very important that their employees have good family values including being married!

Greta Patterson was a struggling artist who was happy to pose as Michael's "Occasional Wife" for the free apartment he provided her with, two stories above his apartment.

Stars Michael Callan and Patricia Harty actually fell in love during the series and got married! Unfortunately, they eventually got divorced.

Occasional Wife Opening Narrative

"There are eight million stories in the Naked City. Some are violent, some sad, but one of them is just plain cuckoo. This is a modern fable about two young people who make a bargain only to find out they were going to get a lot more than they bargained for. We call our fable Occasional Wife and it stars Michael Callan and Patricia Harty."

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

The First And Only Season

  1. Occasional Wife (9/13/1966)
  2. Occasional Trouble (9/20/1966)
  3. The Rivalry (9/27/1966)
  4. He Who Burns Bridges (10/4/1966)
  5. I Do, We Don't (10/11/1966)
  6. The Promotion (10/18/1966)
  7. No Cookie For Dessert (10/25/1966)
  8. Danger Woman At Work (11/1/1966)
  9. A Friend Of The Family (11/15/1966)
  10. Marriage Counselor (11/22/1966)
  11. No Talent Scouts (11/29/1966)
  12. That's How They Got Capone (12/6/1966)
  13. G.P. Loves U.U. (12/13/1966)
  14. Miss Greta Regrets (12/20/1966)
  15. Peter By Moonlight (12/27/1966)
  16. Alias Peter Patterson (1/3/1967)
  17. Fair Play For Gypsies (1/17/1967)
  18. A Couple Of Home-cooked Meals (1/24/1967)
  19. One Plus One Equals Too Many (1/31/1967)
  20. Kangaroo Kandidates (2/7/1967)
  21. The New Secretary (2/14/1967)
  22. The Business Trip (2/21/1967)
  23. Engagement, Christopher Style (2/28/1967)
  24. Instant Fatherhood (3/21/1967)
  25. The Soft Spot (3/28/1967)
  26. The Secret Powdered Milk Affair (4/4/1967)
  27. My Occasional Brother's Keeper (4/11/1967)
  28. An Affair To Forget (4/18/1967)
  29. Oil, Be Seeing You (4/25/1967)
  30. So Little Time (5/9/1967)

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