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Notes From The Underbelly

Notes From The Underbelly Cast

Series Description

The Notes From The Underbelly TV show was a 30 minute comedy series on ABC about a couple who were determined to keep their soon-to-be-born child a secret and let the little bundle of joy change their lives as little as possible. Then they failed miserably at both of those goals! Everyone in their lives had "expert" opinions on how to survive parenthood and mom and dad wished that they could just be left alone!

Notes From The Underbelly Cast

Peter Cambor ................ Andrew
Jennifer Westfeldt .......... Lauren
Michael Weaver .............. Danny
Rachel Harris ............... Cooper
Melanie Paxson .............. Julie
Sunkrish Bala ............... Eric

Notes From The Underbelly Trivia


There were eight episodes of the Notes From The Underbelly TV show that were produced but were not broadcast due to mid-season cancellation of the series. Their titles were: "My Baby's Doctor", "Baby on Board", "Odd Man Out", "First Night Out", "The Circle of Life", "Spinning out of Control", "Accidental Family Bed", and "The Weekend".

Episodes List With Original Air Dates

Season 1

  1. Pilot Episode (4/12/2007)
  2. Animal Style (4/12/2007)
  3. Million Dollar Baby (4/18/2007)
  4. Oleander (4/25/2007)
  5. Julie & Eric's Baby (5/2/2007)
  6. Mothers Milk (5/9/2007)
  7. Keeping Up Appearances (5/16/2007)
  8. Surprise (5/16/2007)

Season 2

  1. She's Gotta Have It (11/26/2007)
  2. The Blackout (12/3/2007)
  3. Heather's Visit (12/10/2007)
  4. Not Without My Noodles (12/17/2007)
  5. Friends and Neighbors (1/14/2008)
  6. If The Shoe Fits (1/21/2008)
  7. The List (2/11/2008)

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