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Next Caller

Next Caller Cast
Series Description

Next Caller was supposed to be (see trivia) a 30 minute comedy series on NBC that would premiere in early 2013. It would have featured an all male radio station with a host of a talk show that loved speaking with guys about chicks. Unfortunately, his ratings stunk because the feminine half of the population wouldn't tune in to his macho banter. In order to fix the ratings, the station manager hired a female co-host for the talk show to give it a feminine touch but the host wanted nothing to do with her. So who would win the war between the sexes?

Next Caller Cast

Dane Cook ......................... Cam Dunne
Collette Wolfe .................... Stella Hoobler
Jeffrey Tambor .................... Jefferson Mingus
Joy Osmanski ...................... Winnie Hyde

Next Caller Trivia

Four episodes of Next Caller were filmed but due to what NBC described as "creative differences" with Dane Cook who played the central character, they canned the series without airing any of those episodes.

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